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Thread: Survivorman Vs Man vs Wild

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    Re: Survivorman Vs Man vs Wild

    Quote Originally Posted by lessaangel View Post
    Man Vs. Wild is better because he does everything alone!!!!
    and he at least stands out in his shows!!
    Incorrect. Man Vs. Wild tells you right in the beginning there is a camera crew along with him.
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    Re: Survivorman Vs Man vs Wild

    Quote Originally Posted by Muffin View Post
    He's either lying and has a Camera crew with him; or he sets up his camera, films himself walking away up a hill, walks back down the hill, breaksdown the camera, re-packs it up then goes back up the hill.
    And this is why Survivor man is better then Man vs Wild,Because he dose everything him self.Unlike Man vs Wild with Bear Grylls ,who has a camera crew with him at all times as well as a safety team.Defeating the propose of calling Man vs Wild a Survivor show.

    Quote Originally Posted by NeoDeath90 View Post
    and is why i prefer him over Bear Grylls. Survivorman does everything alone, and has to do everything twice so he can get both the shots he wants to have for the audience to see.
    As do i, but it must be one pain to get those shots he gets all the time considering he's alone and in a harsh environment to boot.But in the end of things is what makes his show the better out of the two here.
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