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Thread: Sweeney Todd and its many versions

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    Sweeney Todd and its many versions

    Whether it's Stephen Sondheim's classic broadway production or Tim Burton's take on the broadway show for 2007, Sweeney Todd has gone through many changes.

    However, which is the best version? This has been asked many times and with many different outcomes.

    So what version do you think is better? And TELL US WHY!!!

    I think the 1982 recording was the best. Angela Lansbury and Geroge Hearn make the best duo for the show. Why? Because both can sing, and because George Hearn has the ability to change emotions during hbis singing, giving Sweeney and intense outlook from a calm situation.

    Now sure, Johnny Depp did a great job for an amateur, but he should really stick to acting. His singing was good, but its just not Johnny Depp. Plus, Helena Bonham Carter had too weak a voice to play Mrs. Lovett, in my opinion.
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    Re: Sweeney Todd and it's many versions

    I haven't seen many variations of Sweeny Todd but I know that there was a BBC UK version they did which seemed dark and what appears to be more like the broadway show. But seeing as I only have Tim Burtons to go by I will comment about that.

    Burtons version just focused on what i saw in the extra's on the relationship between Todd and Mrs Lovett. Thus missing out some of the original songs from the Broadway show, and looking at other characters. I even thought the killing scenes seem a little more staged and out of place. They hardly seemed natural but thats because much like my boyfriend, its better to see a more well acted death that looks realistic. Even with a more blood coloured blood would have been better.

    With regards to the singing, I am sorry but Bohen Carter was a bad choice. Her voice really was week and it changing from her being in her range and being out which lost all changes of anyone really relating to a character in my opinion. Depp was able to surprise me with his singing voice. His songs where in his range which helped maintain the character through out the songs and the acting.
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    Re: Sweeney Todd and its many versions

    I never really saw the whole entire Sweeny Todd play in 1982. To me..... It was never really that good. I rather prefer the Tim Burton version with Johnny Depp and Helena Bonham Carter. I think Helena Bonham Carter did a nice job doing Mrs. Lovett. And, yes. I'm a Tim Burton fan and Johnny Depp fan.

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