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Thread: Tenchu Wrath of Heaven

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    Re: Tenchu Wrath of Heaven

    Quote Originally Posted by I luv anime View Post
    The first tenchu game I remember playing was Tenchu Fatal Assasins. Its been a while since Ive played that one maybe I should try it out again.
    Tenchu: Fatal Shadows was released AFTER Wrath of Heaven.
    The problem is that it's a very low budget title. They just made a last little extra for the PS2 before switching to the new generation of consoles.
    I don't even consider it a full game.

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    Re: Tenchu Wrath of Heaven

    Soshi agrees with the Hassun on that one, but claims that Tenchu 2 was the best with its map editor mode! Soshi enjoys Rikimaru for his strength and awesome eye scar.
    ((Soshi Kitai says: Actually... it's more than just the strength and the scar. In Tenchu 2, he was about the same as Ayame according to speed. Also, he didn't obtain the scar til later on in the game for Tenchu 2. So those 2 reasons wouldn't suffice as to why I like him... he may be slow in Wrath of Heaven, but he's still a fave no matter which Tenchu! ... his simple and easy kills fused with strength makes it easier to pull-off thought-out tactics when charging (er... sneaking) into battle! I aim to kill, not to spin around and slice away at the enemy... if my first hit doesn't kill the man and retreating is just not an option (if you find the PERFECT stealth kill spot, it might sometimes be in a choke point for you), I'd like it if I was able to knock down the enemy and MAKE a path of escape.......... for that, I love Rikimaru. ... That and his sword rocks harder! ))

    >.> um... okay... ^_^ he gets so cute when he's specific!

    i liked to use Ayame becuz i get into trouble really quick, so i need to get out really quick! i liked her cut up sweat pants too, that was a good look...

    i haven't played in a long time becuz i went through one of the later levels in Tenchu: WOH PERFECTLY!!! Got the move, stealthed everyone, rescued the dude, didn't get lost... i looked like i actually knew what i was doing... then i got to the end... the only way to get out was with a bomb...

    i didn't have a bomb...

    i didn't have a bomb...

    T_T haven't played since...

    ((Soshi Kitai says: I was pretty sure there was a reserve bomb in that area, hun... I can't say it regenerated, but I know there was one there))


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    Re: Tenchu Wrath of Heaven

    i think iv played tenchu wrath of heaven cant say for sure becuase the last one i playeed was a long time ago.
    ....Player Killer....
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    Re: Tenchu Wrath of Heaven

    Quote Originally Posted by sindy_luffy View Post
    I don't think you can write post like these, but what do I know...I haven't been on in a long time (what do you mean?)

    I like the game alot! I usually play Ayame coz she's faster and cuter.
    The kickboxing man's name is Tesshu, i believe.

    I think you should play Tenchu Kurenai (Fatal Shadows). It's about Ayame and Rin, and i like it better than Wrath of Heaven (it's easier and i always love heroine). Esp Rin's ultimate technique (forgot the name).
    Yeah, I think that I saw somthing on that Tenchu. I really badly want to play it. Hopefully I will some time soon.

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