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Thread: Tgs 2010

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    Tgs 2010

    So Tokyo game show came and went and I want to hear from you all what you thought was the best news that came out of the show. For me it’s got to be the devil may cry sequal announcement. I am not sure if I like the character design but I am so looking forward to this game though it has ways to go for the release date.

    I didn’t get to watch the show, so does anyone know what I can view the highlights. I searched youtube and other sites and I couldn’t find any videos. And one last question, what announcement were you anticipating but didn’t happen? For me it’s darkstalkers by capcom.

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    Re: Tgs 2010

    You can watch Sony's press conference here: *click*

    The news on the project currently entitled "Project Dark" caught me off guard. It's surely Demon's souls 2, or at least takes influence from it. I couldn't contain myself when I first saw the trailer. =D

    What I thought upon viewing this:

    ================================================== ===

    *Gif thief-ed from the internet.

    Player: I wonder what's past this clouded doorway.

    Tutorial Boss: Why, hello there. -one hit kill-
    ================================================== ===

    TGS 2010 prime highlights (in my opinion):

    Ni no kuni (PS3) - This game looks beautiful, as expected. Who wouldn't buy it for the art/animations alone? And with Level-5 in the mix, I am sure the game play will be fun as well. I saw the TGS demo for Ni no kuni and was left speechless. The upcoming game by Team Ico looks particularly special, as does Gran Turismo along with Yakuza latest installment with zombies.

    I was hoping for these announcements: Dark Cloud 3 (Level-5), New Onimusha (Capcom), The Legend of Dragoon sequel (SCEI) - which didn't happen, of course. Nevertheless, I am satisfied with Tekken Tag 2, Disgaea 4, Valkyria Chronicles 3, and Catherine (joking I think) reveals.

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