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Thread: Tokyo!

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    So, has anyone else heard of the foreign language flick “Tokyo!”? I saw it with my campus Anime Club a few months back and we thought it was brilliant stuff.

    It’s a pretty cool premise, with three foreign directors each chronicling a different story within the magical cityscape of Tokyo. Film lovers out there might recognize directors Michel Gondry (Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind), Leos Carax (Pola X) and Bong Joon Ho (The Host). For me it was all about the surrealistic visuals and colorful characters, but the creators didn’t leave the storylines by the wayside. It can get pretty trippy at times and often plays like a real-world anime would. The film has strange transformations, sewer monsters, robots and even hikikimori. Plus it all takes place in Tokyo, one of the most amazing cities on the planet.

    I heard it was coming out on DVD and Bluray June 30th, so I thought I’d encourage anyone I could to go check it out if they missed it during the theatre run. There’s a great trailer over at the official site http://bit.ly/TokyoTheMovie , plus they have it so you can link directly to Amazon and preorder it. Then again, I’m a Netflix guy myself, so how about a link there too http://bit.ly/TokyoNetflix

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    Re: Tokyo!

    Haven't seen it but I just might give it a whirl when I get the chance. It sounds interesting.

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