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Thread: Tooth Fairy

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    Tooth Fairy

    Dwayne Johnson stars in this thoughtful and cheering family comedy. As a former NHL player knocked down to the juniors league Thompson has given up on his dreams and thinks everyone else should do the same. Popping his mouth off he gets a summons to appear in fairy court for "Murder of fantasy in the 1st degree.". Once called the tooth fairy by fans he now must be one a brief period of time. Through this he is transformed forever.

    Plays on language, a great cast and clean slapstick comedy make this the funniest family movie of the year.

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    Re: Tooth Fairy

    I disagree. I find it tasteless... not to mention that its not all to fun to watch a grown man run around in tights, and to have a pair of wings strapped to his back. It's obnoxious.
    Sword fights rule, that is all.

    ...oh and by the way, you just lost the game.

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