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Thread: Top 5 Horror Movies (EXPLAIN WHY!)

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    Re: Top 5 Horror Movies (EXPLAIN WHY!)

    Well, I've always been into scary movies since I was 3, but I never get scared of them, ever. It sucks actually.

    Oh oh! There was this one movie when I was little that I saw. It was the middle of the night and I woke up and some movie was on T.V. FREAKIEST F__KIN' MOVIE I HAD EVER SEEN!! It was like about the devil and crap like that. There was this completely white angel looking dude in it but I never knew what the movies name was! I couldn't sleep for days after that one! I still get freaked out thinkin' of that devil/white/angel/dude/thing. But ya know, I was little and half asleep so maybe that's why it was so freaky, then again...maybe not!
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    Re: Top 5 Horror Movies (EXPLAIN WHY!)

    1.nightmare on elm street >>> first horror flick my brother had me watch kept me awake and afraid of my bed
    2. shutter >>>made me not like sleep w/o clutching my blanket
    3. the grudge>>really out right scary
    4. the ring >>>made me look at women with long hair differently and it's really like freakishly scary

    5. dont' have a number five sorry
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    Re: Top 5 Horror Movies (EXPLAIN WHY!)

    I see that there's not much love for Asian horror out here. I'm not really a scaredy cat in terms of horror films, the Western horror stuff interests me with their monster designs because they look cool, not because they scare me or something. Monsters doesn't really have too much of a scare factor from where i'm coming from...

    Asian Horror isn't really much of a scare in my book too but the element of surprise ever-present in asian horror films have caught me off-guard a lot of times. So here's my top 5:

    5. Feng Shui: A chinese-themed Philippine horror film about a luck-obsessed lady who happens to get her hands on a Bagua (those chinese charms that resembles a spider web with a mirror on the middle). Ever since she owned the Bagua, luck has been smiling upon her by winning raffles, getting promoted in her job, etc.. Unknowingly, the Bagua is cursed and everyone who looks on the mirror in the middle of the Bagua will die everytime luck smiles upon the main character. The causes of deaths also has some connection to the Chinese Zodiac. There are no monsters or whatnots in this film but its full of ghostly apparitions to scare and surprise. Just like any usual modern Asian horror film Feng Shui utilizes the mundane and the element of surprise to scare the viewers out of their seats.

    4. Shutter: It's a Thai horror film that uses a photography-based theme, focusing more on haunting images caught on camera. The story is about a photographer who becomes haunted by his ex-girlfriend. It's a simple horror story, it doesn't require a certain degree of deeper understanding in order to get a hold of the story. It has been remade, which was pathetic in my opinion...

    3. Dark Water: A J-Horror film about a woman and her daughter who moves to a new apartment. A leak on their ceiling leads them into the discovery of the room upstairs, which was formerly the room of a young girl who happens to have vanished for more than a year ago. Eerie incidents happen from time to time driving the main character horrified enough to decide to move away. A mundane object-a red bag is seen over and over again in this film, this bag plays a key role in unfolding the events. Like Shutter, a pathetic remake was made...

    2. A Tale of Two Sisters: A K-Horror film with a more psychological and family oriented theme. Basically, it looks like a simple narration of the story of a young girl before she ended up in a psychiatric hospital. In typical Asian horror manner, it sugar coats the scare factor with the mundane to keep the viewer off-guard for the main scare.

    1. Jisatsu Circle(Suicide Club): It is one of Japan's most critically acclaimed horror and gore films, and the best horror film i've ever seen. Jisatsu Circle's main plot revolves around the huge number of mysterious suicides in Japan.

    It opens up in a subway scene where 54 girls horizontally line up while holding hands in the edge of the subway station platform, these girls throw themselves in the path of the train. One of the mundane objects used in this film is the white bag, which starts to appear after the subway suicide scene. A hospital scene soon follows, a security guard and two nurses were working on the night shift. One of the nurses disappears without a trace and the other one jumped over a window leaving the security guard scared and surprised at the same time. Again, a white bag is discovered lying in the hospital's corridor. Due to these events, the Japanese police became alarmed and they decided to investigate the said suicides.Meanwhile, a hacker who calls herself "The Bat" decides to help (in a mysterious manner) the police in their investigation.

    Soonafter, a team of forensic investigators opens up the two white bags found in the suicide scene. They discover two rolls of stitched human skin (kinda looks like the negative of a camera) with striking tattoos. Other suicides followed during the next few days include high school students jumping from the rooftop of their school, a man jumping from a building, and more SURPRISING suicides...Just like my anime reviews, i'd like to leave the plot part hanging to avoid further spoiling.

    As much as i wanna ramble on more about this film, it's really a big spoil. Thus i recommend this film to everyone who wants complexity and a good old asian horror feel.
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    Re: Top 5 Horror Movies (EXPLAIN WHY!)

    Frankly, I'm a big horror movie buff, so here we go (these are in no order):

    1. John Carpenter's "Halloween" (1978) - This independent movie pretty much invented the slasher genre. There was some stuff before it, like "Black Christmas", but this put slashers in overdrive. Also, it developed one of the most iconic characters ever, Michael Myers. If this movie hadn't existed, movies like "Friday the 13th" wouldn't exist today.

    2. George A. Romero's "Dawn Of The Dead" (1978) - This movie took gore in movies to the next level. At the time, it was probably the goriest movie ever made. Today not so much, but it's still effective. The movie is Romero's social commentary on how mindless society is, which is pretty clear if you've seen the movie.

    3. John Carpenter's "The Thing" (1982)
    - In my opinion, the scariest movie ever made. It's a visual thriller, as well as a psychological thriller. Who's human, and who's not? Great acting and an unforgettable blood test scene help make this movie one of the best ever made in the genre of horror.

    I really can't come up with two more, I don't think. I'm sure "Night of the Living Dead" deserves consideration, but picking the next two are too hard for me.

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    Re: Top 5 Horror Movies (EXPLAIN WHY!)

    I agree Shu, well with the last two, the Thing is so great!
    I never listened to Romero's commentary though.

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    Re: Top 5 Horror Movies (EXPLAIN WHY!)

    I love horror movies,and I'll list my top 5 I can think of that made me absolutely terrified(in a good way*) But these are only out of movies I've seen..........

    Night of The Living Dead-1968
    This is an old movie,but I've seen it about twice,and it is more scary than a lot of the newer ones. It's in black and white,but it's well made. There were some flesh-eating zombies havin a snack...... in it that made me wanna puke.......but very good movie indeed! ^^
    Cabin Fever
    This movie came out a few years ago,I think,and it's about a flesh-eating disease.......that's scary enough in itself,but the movie got me so involved!
    House on Haunted Hill
    I have only seen the modern remake,this mansion was very disturbing.............
    Thirteen Ghosts
    Again,I've only seen the modern version,but the guy that plays Monk on that OCD detective show,is the main char. It's plenty gory............
    Hellraiser series
    Pinhead and his hell-hounds try to torture everyone alive.........I've seen several,I don't know all of them though. These movies can make you develop a phobia of little,ancient looking rubix-cube type thingys. ~

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    Re: Top 5 Horror Movies (EXPLAIN WHY!)

    Quote Originally Posted by The White Wolf View Post
    I haven't seen not ONE scary movie listed in this thread. THAT'S HORRIBLE!!!!!!

    All of you who said The Hills Have Eyes - HOW can that be a scary movie!!? I couldn't take it seriously, it was so stupid!

    Um, did you read the title of this thread?? I don't think that movie was made to be a horror film?

    And you..

    How are ANY of those movies scary?! I am legend was about survival, Final Destination was suspenseful, and Hills Have Eyes was dumb, thus Hills Have Eyes 2 was dumber.

    I think I'm confusing you people on what a horror flick is.

    Horror is AH! OH MY GOODNESS, MY HEART!!!!!!!!

    Not, "oh yeah. That was a cool effect".
    or in this case, "wow, that was corny".

    Those were pretty good movies, i have to admit
    yeesh give us a break. you wanted top 5 horror movies, we're giving them to you. doesnt mean that they are scary for everybody, nor does it mean we were scared by them. please lighten up on us will you?

    but any way, i'd like to add one for my list.

    Dawn of the Dead: One of the Romero classics, giving us insight on what to do in case of a zombie invasion and where to hide. Plus all the gags and funny scenes are helpful in taking us out of the fear experience.
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    Re: Top 5 Horror Movies (EXPLAIN WHY!)

    1. Nightmare on Elm Street- i luv freddy!!
    2. Friday the 13th-Jason is awsome!!
    3. Halloween- the entire series!!
    4. the SAW series- luv the killing!!
    5. Hostle-luv it ^-^
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