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Thread: Top Box Office of 2009

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    Top Box Office of 2009

    Yahoo has released a list of the top ten films of 2009. Below is the link that takes you to the list. Let's discuss placings and who you expected, which films upset and which you would have liked to see get on there.

    Top 10 Box Office Movies of 2009 - Photo Gallery on Yahoo! Movies

    I was upset Blind Side made it on the list and Invictus did not. I felt that Invictus was one of the best movies released this year. While I did not like some other movies on the list I feel is there was room for only one sports movie it should be Invictus.

    I am ambarresed to admit it but there are a few movies I have not seen on the list. I did not see Up or New Moon. But I did see Transformers two and hated it. Not as original or well paced as the first live action and too many holes in the plot. I knew it would be on the list because of the success of the first one. many people would go see it for that reason alone but personally I don't get it.

    The hangover obviously deserved to be on there. Comedies often don't make the list for whatever reason and I am happy this one did. Also joining the list of comedies is Ice Age, and Monsters Vs. Aliens. It is good to see family friendly movies are doing excellent.

    Tell us your thoughts.

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    Re: Top Box Office of 2009

    This is just the highest grossing films, it doesn't say anything about quality. This becomes painfully and depressingly clear when you notice Transformers 2 took the top spot.

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    Re: Top Box Office of 2009

    Yes ,It deserves to be there. I love that movie ...

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    Re: Top Box Office of 2009

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