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Lol I had to reenact a few of the scenes from the dorama for my Japanese class, and it was so hard getting Densha's stuttering down.
Oh man...I actually renacted as well...but only for my own amusement. Lol

Really no differences? Did they delve into the lives of his fellow board posters? Were his two best friends there? (btw, I don't know why, but I found the turtle gag in the drama amusing). Were Hermes' two best friends and her little brother there? I know they were missing in the manga.
Well I really couldn't recall any differences. I mean it was shorter so I guess a lot was cut out/compressed to fit into the time given...but I bet some things were different. I just don't really remember much of the movie version.
And yes the turtle gag was amusing...but I really just had to smack my forehead and shake my head at the thought of anyone doing that Lol.