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Thread: true gamers

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    Re: true gamers

    If there is a definition of true gamer(Which is certainly don't think, but if we're going by levels of "hardcoreness", then I guess it can be debated), I'm loath to include people who play MMOs almost exclusively in that bunch. Playing WoW or Guild Wars, something as mainstream as those can often be considered casual.There are lots of people who clock massive amounts of hours on games, sometimes just one game, but aren't even close to being dedicated gamers.

    Also, where would the rabid news followers fit in with this whole "gamer or true gamer" thing? You know, like the people who hang on every GDC 08 update as it's occuring right now(Like me!), and so forth. If someone has IGN/Gamespot/1Up bookmarked, does this make them more apt to be called serious gamers?

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    Re: true gamers

    I never been to a lan party or anything like that. I play solo most of the time b\c its funner and easer to think when I'm playing stratigies game. So ya you are a gamer you just don't like playing online and theres nothing wrong with that
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    Re: true gamers

    I think a gamer is the one who know all whereabouts of (a) game(s) ... like i have unconsciously memorized everything in games like Devil May Cry (i know all objects weapons effects and how can they be done) or Heroes of Might and Magic (i know every creature's statics) .. i'm crazy i know ...
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