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Thread: TV: Lost

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    Re: TV: Lost

    m i dont really like it tried watching it but i could never get into it.

    i thought it was kinda boaring and i never really like the idea of people being stranded on an island having to try and live while waiting for help. so yea.

    not that great

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    Re: TV: Lost

    Well hightecdude i can answer lots of your questions

    Ok theire not really answers but reviews from my other lost fans. What we belive is that the baby was taken to back because Claire said to Kate please take Erin because he dosen't weigh that much so the coppter could take another, we also belive that the coppter rescues them and carrys 6 of them home, Desmond however i belive he does escape as well but as you said he wont be classed as one of the Ocianic Six. I think Erin may be classed as the Ocianic Six or not, but we know that Jack, Kate, (The Iraq One) and Hurley have escaped and they are the orignal plane crashers. That episode was probably the worst episode of the new season so far but still very amazing toward the end. I think near the end of the entire series they will go back tot he island and discover everyone to be dead. But thats moving on a little to far. I saw a preview for the next episode and well basically it just shows Desmond and (the iraq one) plane crashing, i want to know for sure whats pulling the planes down, we know theirs a time diffrence arround the island by 1 hour, so maybe that has something to do with it but maybe not. On Sunday the next episode will be amazing. I wonder if the ship is really acctually bad it may not be after seeing whats happeining but rember not last episode but the one before where the iraq one was working for ben. Well he had to kill people didn't he...I think the people that he had to kill were people on the ship but just a rumor going around the Lost Forums. It's such a great series i think, i don't think they answered any questions last episode, they have got to answer at least one this episode otherwise there either going to get stuck, or have a really good plan and can excute it perfectly. the writers were on strike but i think they stayed because it's still the same thrilling action and great performance. But trust Kate to kill someone again, she's just to bad in the real world, she should have stayed on the island. It's getting confusing as you said to wheather Erin and Ben are really one of the six or if they aren't, we are totally clueless as to who else may escape soon or in the near future, but yes i was very upset when they said only 44 episodes now 43 there dropping every week. I just hope that it ends well like you said because if it ended rubbish the series would have been for nothing i hope they do finish it straight away and not leave it so if they feel they can drag it on they will. But rembering the old things on the lost island, when Hurley made the golf course. I think they should bring some old things back into the series mind you after moving away and blowing the hatch up they don't really ahev a hiding place. I wonder how the others are doing. and Sun with her baby. We saw her for a brief moment with Jin on the beach, i can't belive they still think they will be rescued i hope Jack or someone tells them sooner or later. and Kate got kicked out oh the John Locke club, but after that move she did, i would have as well. Maybe locke is confused and dosen't know where to go now he's being ruled by ben even now when he's in prison!

    Hope the next episode answers the un-answered.

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