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Thread: Twilight is starting to piss me off

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    Twilight is starting to piss me off

    okay, look.
    this is me. i picked up twilight a few years ago. i read it in two weeks. i was unimpressed. i'm not just saying that. my other favorite authors include Anne Rice, Bram Stoker, etc, and i absolutely love vampires. and i was bored. seriously bored. and please dont give me the 'well,it was written for girls, of course you wouldn't like it', i love romances.
    so before picking up twilight i figured, a teen vampire romance, how could i go wrong?
    then a the next year i find the movie. i got to see it in theaters. omfg.
    i didnt think it could get worse. but it did.
    and Robert Pattinson? c'mon. Kristin steward what did they do to you?

    anyway. so here i am a few months later. after last weeks venture to Hot Topic to find a group of 12 year old fangirls squealing, buying twilight shirts and then some body glitter(yes, because the vampires in twilight f***ing sparkle).
    Last night i go to Walmart to buy a magazine and a drink. i end up waiting in line for over an hour. then i see a line go out the door, and around the corner. then i see that all these people are waiting in line to buy a dvd of twilight at midnight. there are no checkers because they are all crowd control.

    i would honestly understand if it was something to be making a fuss about. but this was such the generic vampire story. and after those hundreds of pages there was almost no progression in the story. i just...i just dont see what the fuss is.
    whats happened to vampires? because stephanie meyer butchered and raped their image.
    The Lost Boys, Interview with a Vampire, Queen of the Damned, The Vampire Lestat, Bram Stoker's Dracula, Fright Night, hell, even Vampire Knight and Underworld are really good.
    but...Twilight? soo..predictable. it felt as though written for 12 year olds. no good imagery, symbolisms, nothing. Edward..felt dead. i honestly thought he was the most boring vampire ever. and the entire 'apple' crap does not count. look at the opening of 'Bram Stokers Dracula' (Francis Ford Coppola). The angel statues bleeding, the intensity, everything. Vampire are not 'lovers'. they are traditionally demonic creatures, and thats how i like 'em. if you write a love story, you better make it good.

    just for understanding, this isnt blatantly a hate or list thread, so everyone post why they agree or disagree.

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    Re: Twilight is starting to piss me off

    "Edward Cullen. Raising the standards of teenage girls everywhere."- Myself.

    I said that while in the car with my girlfriend. She has become obsessed, and I feel as though I'm being compared to him.

    Twilight really is nothing special. I've read all four books, liked them, but realized they were really generic reads. Nothing surprised me, nothing got to me, nothing really made me lovestruck. I think the only thing i loved was edward's sarcasm.

    Really though, it all comes down to personal taste. I liked the books, but I don;t think they are the godsend everyone makes them out to be.
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    Re: Twilight is starting to piss me off

    People at the A/M/C on Gaia are hilariously freaking out about how there is a strong possibility that there will be a Twilight anime; widespread panic, worries, and people threatening to abandon the forums and anime altogether. The entire forum will look up and shout "WTF!" and I'll look down and whisper, "I LOL'd".
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    Re: Twilight is starting to piss me off

    i agree with you Emonightmarerose...even if twilight is a girl thing..the movie suddenly got boring...it's like stephanie meyer wasn't even trying hard enough....the only part dat amuse me wuz the baseball part and the house..everything else didn't really got my attention..btw i love the song..even paramor-Decode made a good music video of twilight..get this i wuz on the website www.twilightmovie.com abd i found out they were doing this audition thing..why you deserve to be in New Moon..u have to record yourself..i wrote wat i wuz gonna say..but i change my ming in recording myself so only my best friend did it..any who, bella from the movie sucks..it's like she is worst then edward...omfg..bella cannot stop moving her head when she wuz talking to edward it wuz pissing me off..and when it wuz the last scenewhen bella got bitten by james she make these digusting sound like she got an orgasm..any way if they want more fans to respond to more books stephanie meyer made then i suggest they make new moon more interesting and last about 3-4 hours..xd

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    Re: Twilight is starting to piss me off

    But dont you know its a plan...think about it...if the Corporations who make twilight stuff control the teens and tweens of the states, then what do you think happens? They make more more more and still more bloody money, and in this world, thats all that anyone cares about, I have never liked the books or anything about the series, but now, what is it? Nothing but mass maket consumerism that makes the United States the awful place that it is now...this is what happens when you have money and politics mixing, its all a battle for the sheeple.
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    Re: Twilight is starting to piss me off

    ok yes i admit im obsessed with twilight because i just am obsessed with any vampire story but yea it kinda pissed me off when you people were talking about it like it was crap but then i thought about it and i disagree with some of it but then again youve got a lot of points its pretty vague for a vampire story if its gonna be a vampire story i would have thought there would be a hell of a lot more... fights or wars or whatever. but the series was pretty boring compared to the other ones ive read

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    Re: Twilight is starting to piss me off

    Yes Yes Yes im glad some one made this thread bacause if emo didn't I would have!
    I fell better.

    Vampires don't shimer in the light they COOK LIKE A EGG!
    The part that ticked me off the most was the crack faced boy (edward) bets the tare off a much old vampire with no help from nothing.

    How it gos is the older you are as a vampire the more powerful you are and get more power with tasty blood in your vaines. Crack head boy didn't have anything like it but he still kick his ass, what a load of a crap book a worse movie. I'd rather cut my eyes out and give them to franckenstins monster and say "heres a snack" then read/ watch twilight ever! (I read the script. got a realy good imaganation)
    If you don't like what I said about the book/movie then watch the list of real vampire movies that EmoNightmareRose gave in his first post and try and talk you love for twilight.
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    Re: Twilight is starting to piss me off

    Seriously...I love all you guys right now.
    I find it so damn hard to find someone whos not all, "OMG TWILIGHT!"
    Then when you have something to say and spread your own opinion there like, "Well wtf is wrong with you?"
    I have a brain and don't conform ya moron.
    To make it all the more worse, most of all my friends love the piece of garbage and wont shut up about Edward...and at this moment I sit by a whole flock of fans in class...-__- I want to burn all the books...

    I used to be a fan and thought it was a decent book before anyone read it and when people asked me what that book was about (was there ever a time like that? I guess so...) I said it was about vampires and romance and they called me gay. WTF?
    Now all those people are reading it.
    I wouldnt mind it like I do if people didnt make it something so much bigger than what it really is. Its a book. Get over it. Dont go out and buy every single little thing for it like valentines candies...(What was up with that too?)
    Even Naruto dosent get on my nerves half as much.

    But the main reason I dont like it is because of the storyline. I will admit that the writing style is fantastic in many ways as far a detail, but if the story was written by a faster pased writter it wouldnt get half the praise it does, it would just be another book people pass up. The story line taught me to be worse than what I am by running away from my problems.
    First book: Running away from James and the other vampires
    Second Book: Edward Running away from Bella
    Third Book: Running away from Victora (Although they grow some balls at the end)
    Fourth Book: Everyone just goes crazy because they have no were to go.
    Its so basic, its something you come up with on the car ride to school, its so F***ing stupid. I love you Sephanie Meyer for making such a fabulous book.

    Thanks for listening to my ranting....I needed to just get that out. lol
    But I'll be pissed in a second since people are talking about it right now...
    "You think you know me...? You have no idea."

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