Hey so me and some friends were rly friggin bored one day and we were like "**** it...lets make movies..k?" so thats how we decided...anyways. It would help if u checked it out...only a promo for the channel up right now..were just getting together 20-30 or so people for this project. IvyCinemas - YouTube is the youtube channel. we made a promo..sadly my boom mic is damaged and needs repairs so we just used a mic. anyways please just check it out...i just want ppl 2 c it and kinda know abt it and w.e. we will b uploading more vids and im working on the website--> IvyCinemas | Wix.com and facebook page---> http://www.facebook.com/#!/IvyCinemas

oh and if your wonderin..the promo is just stock footage..its a promo for the youtube channel not one of the series we will b doing..series promo coming soon.