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Thread: Ultimate Dream-Team

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    Ultimate Dream-Team

    A variation on another coffe-shop game:

    The scenario ~ You may choose 7 fictional characters from any medium to fight for you in a no-holds-barred battle for control of the universe.

    -No Gods
    -No Immortals (they need to be theoretically kill-able)
    -No multiple versions of the same character (from different mediums, universes)
    -No Mary-Sues (they need to be from REAL media)


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    Re: Ultimate Dream-Team

    well here i go, its a try

    1.Virgel -good demon form
    2.Neji -Byakugan come in handy to find enemys
    3. Vegeta- determination in not giving up
    4.Sora -powerful keyblade
    5.Xena- quick reflex and speed
    6.Gambit - good range and explosive cards
    7.Kratos- blades of the gods and anger agaibst others

    there somthing i guess
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    Re: Ultimate Dream-Team


    ie. this is not a list-thread

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    Re: Ultimate Dream-Team

    1. Ender from Ender's game - Genius Strategist that single-handily, through his commands, took out an entire race of aliens except for one which he raised in atonement.
    2. Haruhi Suzumiya - Could create matter from nothing and in all senses shape realityu to her will, of course unknowingly.
    3. Sephiroth - I need someone that is able to go into space and kickass, plus if all else fails he could call forth Meteor
    4. Master Chief - Excellent fighter with knowledge of ALL weapons. Will be able to use anything Bean and Ender create and put them to their max use immediately.
    5. Raistlin from Dragonlace - A dark Mage with powers that killed the Goddess Takhisis in one ending, but chose not to in the real ending of the Test of The Twins.
    6. Mewtwo - All time favorite Pokemon and easily the most powerful. Could use his teleport ability (better than instant transmission's of Goku's) to get the needed people to their chosen area and retreat if needed.
    7. Tsukimiya Ayu from Kanon - I don't need another fighter so I may as well as have a Mascot.

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    Re: Ultimate Dream-Team

    -Edward Cullen(Book-Twilight)-hes a vampire thats hot and can fight of bears and other wild creatures. (oh yea hes hot >.<)
    -Dark-san(DN Angel)-he can get in and out of a tight places and sneak around and never get caught.
    -Goku(DBZ)-he is powerful and can beat the crap out of anyone and he is also very funny. ^^
    -Itach(naruto)- i just love him and hes cool.lol.
    -Vincent(FFVII)-he can sneak in and out of places and hide in the dark and sneak up on peoples. oh yea. awsome.
    -Squall(FFVIII)-has a gunblade yea you know thats beast. and he can summon gf's. ^^
    -Tidus(FFX)-he has a sword and is powerful. ^^;

    lol ok thats good for me. lol. >.<

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    Re: Ultimate Dream-Team

    Grumble Grumble foo! Grumble Grumble

    So I suppose that means
    Lain Iwakura, (the quite high school girl from Serial Experiment Lain),
    Washu-sensei (the greatest scientific genius of the galaxy from Tenchi Muyo)
    Belldandy (the ever so popular main character from Ah My Goddess)
    Madlax (the professional mercenary & assassin for hire from the series named after her)
    Yurie Hitotsubashi (the shy, clumsy middle school girl from Kamichu)
    Mokona, (the original, from Magical Knight Rayearth) a cute mascot character for the group...
    and Xellos (the character always with the secret from Slayers Try)
    are all not allowed...

    This also means that Mewtwo and Haruhi Suzumiya are not allowed for the same reasons...

    Now charcters that would be allowed, I would start with...

    Lina Inverse (from Slayers) for massive fire power, she's the master of the 'Dragon Slave' black magic attack spell, as well as good for countering magical attacks against the party. And for worst case scenarios, there's always that 'Giga Slave' attack...
    Milfeulle Sakuraba (from Galaxy Angels) a good mascot character who's a good cook, cheerful mood and has massive amounts of good luck oozing from every pore on her body...
    Monkey D Luffy (from One Piece) a character with exceptional hand to hand combat skills (as long as he doesn't have to swim) and would never let his comrades down.
    Phantom F. Harlock (from Space Pirate Captain Harlock) for the Machismo leader figure, and the character to call upon when the end of the Universe is at hand, plus he has his own space ship.
    Tochiro (also from Space Pirate Captain Harlock) the perfect space ship engineer
    Mister (from Coyote Ragtime Show) the rouge character with the proven ability to improvise under pressure, and a rich source of underworld connection fro group intelligence gathering.
    Kurumi (from Steel Angel Kurumi) our token battle android (from the future) born with an 'improved' heart of an angel (which also results in her massive firepower when she gets ticked off...)
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