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Thread: Underground PSP games...

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    Arrow Underground PSP games...

    So, just wonderin if there any games for the PSP
    youd reccomend that might not be so well advertised,
    mainstream, well known, that deserve to be bought off the shelf
    and played?

    I think one would be the Metal Slug Anthology.

    I loved playing Metal Slug in the 90's,
    its a great sidescrolling shoot'em'up
    type of game, with interesting backround humor,
    and blood/cartoon violence.

    Wats great about the anthology (also release on other systems)
    is that it contains seven Metal Sluug games
    including Metal Slug X.

    How about everyone else?
    Anyne know a great PSP
    game that you think others will enjoi?

    Im looking to buy a game
    for my PSP.

    So lets hear it!

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    Re: Underground PSP games...

    I have the same trouble as you. Not much games to buy now, But I suggest that you wait a bit, if you can. I heard that Kingdom Heart is coming out. What games are you really into.

    I would suggest a few games that I have played already:
    Astonishia Story
    Valkyrie Profile: Lenneth
    Tony Hawk

    here a few, but I dont think you may like it or not.
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    Re: Underground PSP games...

    i'm the only possible person in here who plays this game in psp...
    click here.
    still waiting for the next installment.

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