This band will be playing warped tour this year...and they are by far one of my favorite bands. Their lyrics are amazing, I love the vocalist's (Cassandra Ford) style of dress, and I love the music they play in general.The whole band is as follows:

Vocals: Cassandra Ford
Guitar: Rob Kirkham
Drums: Anthony Kirkham
Bass: Chirs Kirkham

Here is the lyrics to one of their songs, it's not one of my favorites but it's the only one I could find lyrics to:


Sick. I’m walking
Tick? I’m talking.
Down the street and I’m sick
Of the talk of the ‘trick’ that’s every time we meet
Oh, I don’t know why
Blinking, thinking something’s moving across my skin
And I scratch the spot, I watch the dot, that’s on the lens but
Oh, I don’t know why

Something’s closing in and I can’t do a thing
No, I can’t do a thing but wonder.

You said I’m crazy, I know.
You said I’m crazy, I know
All I can say is that the drugs don’t work no more.

My face is shaking,
Knees are breaking,
“Swallow this” and for once I’m mistaken
The rules I’ve been breaking, make you sick but
Oh, I don’t know why
My mind is in an oily state of screaming sin
And the moment I want to relax is when the shit kicks in, but
Oh, I don’t know why

Now he’s back again
And now he’s brought a friend.
And his friend’s brought a whole dark army…

Their myspace page is if anyone wants to listen to their music. Questions or comments anyone? ^-^