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Thread: Viva Pinata - Misunderstood.

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    Viva Pinata - Misunderstood.

    This game looks pretty cool, at first I thought it was just for 9 year olds but when I read up on it I came to the conclusion that it was aimed at much older audiences, like parents and perhaps the rare teen who decides to have a cute fluffy pinata breeding game mixed with his gorry, frightening shooters (me).

    So far most people that I have talked to say this game is for kids, but it's much too complexe for the mild of a child. I plan on buying it this weekend, along with FEAR and Gears of War . And I can't wait to start playing it!

    I'll give a short review. The game is based in a place called Pinata island, were you are set loose to create your own Pinata garden to attract different kinds of species of Pinatas, breed them, and sell them for money that you will spend to tend to other Pinatas and the upkeep of your garden. But the game is much more complexe than that, it's a micromanaging nightmare as you must create your garden around the specific needs and wants of different types of Pinatas. Including pray (they like to eat eachother, or so I'm under the impression), habitat and housing. Also like real life animals they tend to get annoyed with eachother every once in awhile, it's like the fishstore telling you that "you can't have those two fish in the same tank" becuase they will fight. If one Pinata happens to infringe on the boundries of another Pinatas bubble then it's all out war between the two species and you will most likely be forced to make a heartwrenching decision between which species you want to keep(but this rarely happens). Also the game is very colorful and entertaining to look at, it's proclaimed to be the most visually polished game besides Gears of War. But this is nothing like the Sims were you tell each individual what to do and when, each Pinata has a mind of its own. You're simply there to watch, serve, and hope that all goes well.

    Here's a pick of one of the largest Pinatas you can have, thought it will cost you more money in damages and food becuase of its abnormal size.

    So what do you all think about this game?
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