I will now post this week's release dates from Monday(4th) until Saturday(10th). I'll try to keep you all informed every Monday of every week.

Here is last week's releases, in case you missed it: http://www.animeonline.net/sensory-p...an-29-feb.html

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February 9

- Black Friday
- Hannibal Rising
- The Last Sin Eater
- The Lives of Others
- Norbit
- Operation Homecoming: Writing the Wartime Experience


February 6

- All Quiet on the Western Front
- The Amazing Screw-On Head
- Anything But Love: Volume 1
- Arabian Nights
- The Backyardigans: Legend of the Volcano Sisters
- Baywatch: Season 3
- Ben 10: The Complete Season 1
- Blume in Love
- Bob the Builder: New to the Crew
- Boynton Beach Club
- Charlie & Lola Volume 3: My Little Town
- Charmed: The Complete Seventh Season
- Cinderella III: A Twist in Time
- The Clock
- Coastlines
- Crossing Delancey
- Disaster! - With Unrated Shorts
- Disaster! - With Unrated Shorts (Clean)
- Dora the Explorer: Pirate Adventure / Cowgirl Dora
- Eddie Murphy: Delirious
- Elmo's World: What Makes You Happy?
- Flags of Our Fathers (Widescreen)
- Flags of Our Fathers (Full Screen)
- Flicka
- The Flicka Family Classics Collection
- For Your Eyes Only
- Going My Way
- GoldenEye
- Goldfinger
- The Grudge 2 (Unrated Director's Cut)
- The Grudge 2
- Heading South
- The Heiress
- Hellboy: Sword of Storms
- Here Comes Mr. Jordan
- Hollywoodland (Widescreen)
- Hollywoodland (Full Screen)
- Incubus
- The Last Unicorn: 25th Anniversary Edition
- License to Kill
- Mad About You: The Complete Third Season
- Masters of Horror: Season Two - John Landis' Family
- Max & Ruby: Afternoons & Party Time
- Miracle in the Rain
- My Little Pony: A Very Pony Place
- The Raven
- Riding Alone For Thousands of Miles
- Romeo + Juliet: Music Edition
- Running with Scissors
- The Science of Sleep
- Soap
- SpongeBob SquarePants: Sponge for Hire / Seascape
- The Spy Who Loved Me
- A Summer Place
- Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles Fast Forward: Future Shellshock
- Teen Titans: Trouble in Tokyo
- Thunderball
- Trust the Man
- Wetback: The Undocumented Documentary


February 6

- Hollywoodland


February 6

- American Psycho
- First Blood
- Glory
- The Grudge 2
- Reservoir Dogs
- Running with Scissors
- Saw II
- The Tailor of Panama
- Young Guns

Video Games

Xbox 360

(02/06/07) Winning Eleven: Pro Soccer 2007 [Konami]




(02/05/07) Bust A Move: Bash! [Majesco]
(02/05/07) Wii Play with Remote [Nintendo]


(02/05/07) Ghost Rider [2K Games]
(02/06/07) Ar Tonelico [Atlus]
(02/06/07) Arena Football: Road to Glory [EA]
(02/06/07) CSI 3: Dimension of Murder [Ubisoft]
(02/06/07) MVP 07 NCAA Baseball [EA]
(02/06/07) Winning Eleven: Pro Soccer 2007 [Konami]


(02/05/07) Ghost Rider [2K Games]
(02/06/07) Capcom Puzzle World [Capcom]
(02/06/07) Winning Eleven: Pro Soccer 2007 [Konami]


(02/05/07) Diddy Kong Racing [Nintendo]
(02/06/07) Lunar Knights [Konami]
(02/06/07) Trioncube [Namco Bandai]
(02/06/07) Winning Eleven: Pro Soccer 2007 [Konami]

Gameboy Advance

(02/05/07) Final Fantasy VI Advance [Nintendo]


(02/05/07) Alien Shooter: Vengeance [CDV]
(02/05/07) Dead Reefs [DreamCatcher Interactive]
(02/05/07) Galactic Civilizations II: Gold Edition [Stardock]
(02/05/07) Glyph (retail edition) [Sandlot Games]
(02/06/07) Fuel [DreamCatcher Interactive]
(02/06/07) Sims: Life Stories [Electronic Arts]
(02/07/07) War Rock [Nexon]


Feb 6

Aereogramme (My Heart Has A Wish That You Would Not Go)
Apostle Of Hustle (National Anthem Of Nowhere)
Apples In Stereo (New Magnetic Wonder)
Bloc Party (A Weekend In The City)
Fall Out Boy (Infinity On High)
Rickie Lee Jones (The Sermon On Exposition Boulevard)
L Pierre (Dip)
Sondre Lerche (Phantom Punch)
Loney, Dear (Loney, Noir)
Yoko Ono (Yes, I'm A Witch)
Jesse Sykes & The Sweet Hereafter (Like, Love, Lust & The Open Halls Of The Soul)