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Thread: what inspires your artistic side?{must say why}

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    Question what inspires your artistic side?{must say why}

    the title says it all. what is it that inspires your artistic side? is it poetry? music? anime? silence? noise? simply put, what brings out the artist in you?

    for me it definately has to be music. nothing can relax me more and send me to my place of solitude where i can ignore everyone and everything around me more than music. music to me has an almost immortal trancendence to it that brings me to a new plane of existance that can only be described as absolute solitude and concentration. music is one of my few passions in life and i feel i would be lost without it. music is like a distraction to my mind that allows me to use my mind conciously to better effect. without it my mind wanders and jumps from thought to thought and is harder for me to control which leads to a creativity block and prevent me from working the same as i would when i listen to music.

    recently its more trance and rave that puts away my wandering mind allowing the true artist in me to come out.
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    Re: what inspires your artistic side?{must say why}

    This is an interesting subject for a designer like me ^_^.

    All my life I’ve been inspired by things that surround me. Ever since I was young I loved to express my emotions and feelings on to paper. That’s where my journey started as a designer.

    The things that trigger my artistic side are mostly dreams. That's where my design allias came from: Dreamvisions Productions. If I dream of something I make the most (in my eyes) prettiest things. Music also has a great influence on my art. Certain songs mean a lot to me and because of these songs (their lyrics and sounds) I get triggered to dream and make something cool out of it.

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    Re: what inspires your artistic side?{must say why}

    This is a good question. Myself try to find something to put that spark into me all the time. The downside is that most things that cause the spark only work once, so im constantly trying to rekindle it. Things I use often are music for one, because as mentioned before it allows your mind to stay put for awhile, and the mood and subject of the music sometimes will manifest itself in the finished work. Then when I see a painting or drawing that pops out at me..be it subject or the way its done, it makes me want to try and put my personal touch to what its about. Sometimes however, this also teaches me how to do art in a new medium or style and i love that the most.

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    Re: what inspires your artistic side?{must say why}

    Well I draw, and write poetry.

    For my drawings, anime and manga inspires me a great deal. So does alot of sci-fi stuff. One man that has really inspired me in my drawings is HR Giger. He is a wondeful artist, though I must say, his art really isn't for everyone. You have to be into, I guess I would say, weird looking stuff.

    As for my poetry...alot of it is about trying to find the meaning of life, personal problems, religion problems, people, emotions, war, political stuff, and a number of more complicated things lol. My inspiration for poetry comes from alot of the music I listen to, not the lyrics just the music itself. Some of my inspiration comes from people, some from just thinking about my life. So I would say my inspiration comes from countless things lol.
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    Re: what inspires your artistic side?{must say why}

    Mine is my mood and music. Though sometimes it's just life in general. The music and sooth me or hype me up to do what I need to do. But my mood at the time I am listing to the music really controls the out come of everything. But I do have those times where life itself does it. That one point in time where you see or do something that trigger something in you that you can't forget or even get out of your head. Those times seem to be the strongest factors in my writing. But they others come into play as well. So it would be a combination of all three.

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    Re: what inspires your artistic side?{must say why}

    The number one thing that inspires me is nature.....
    I love nature exploring...going for walks in the park,,,,hiking,,,,,,fishing.....anything that involved fresh air,,,crystal blue skies and trees and more trees....
    There is something peaceful just walking though the forest listening to different bird sounds...the wind in the tree branches...
    It makes me feel centered and much more concentrated....and in those moments that is when my best ideas shine through my mind......

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    Re: what inspires your artistic side?{must say why}

    hm, well, for me, there is alot that brings out the artist in me. One, it's silence. Why??? Because with silence, it helps me open my mind to all the new subjects I can draw and/or write a poem about. Two, going to the park. Why??? Because if I sit in the grass and feel the wind blow on my face, it really helps with thinking up a new idea. Finally, it's my friend! Why??? Because he always helps me when I'm having writers block. He's awsome! ^^

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