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Thread: what movies are you looking forward to see this year

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    Re: what movies are you looking forward to see this year

    Ok I defintely want to see New Moon. I'd forgotten about that one. I wanna see the new Transformers movie too. That would be a sweet date movie lol

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    Re: what movies are you looking forward to see this year

    I'm looking forward to seeing the G.I. Joe: The Rise of Cobra just because I watched the series as a young kid my favorite character was Snake Eyes just because he used a ninjato. Plus the actor that plays him was Darth Maul in of course Star Wars episode one. That and I'm looking forward to X-Men Origins: Wolverine and even though I'm not a Trekkie I also want to watch the Shatner free Star Trek movie.

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    Question Re: what movies are you looking forward to see this year

    I always find it weird how that's the remake of the second installment of Halloween coming into focus, and yet, they remade Psycho part one, and then failed to continue remaking the other installments. I personally prefer Psycho over Halloween because it has a lot more psychology behind it. Seems the creators thought that there was something a lot more chilling in the killer from Halloween simply because he's so empty and cold and silent.

    Oooo, scary. Fail.

    Norman Bates wins. Period.

    Anyway, I hear that their supposedly going to remake the Birds, and the general rule I find is, that you really SHOULDN'T try to remake Alfred Hitchcock stuff. Regardless, I find it fun to watch anyway. I'm pretty sure the original Birds was only done with like, bluescreen and stuff. They could make it look a lot better with some of the CG works that they have at their hands nowadays. <3 So I'd be interested in seeing that.

    People are shrieking to watch the Transformers 2 movie, and the Watchmen movie. Lapislazuli told me that I should maybe go see the Watchmen movie, hmm... so I might. Or I might just wait until I get it on dvd. In any case, it might be one I'll buy anyway.

    I'd watch "Lesbian Vampire Killers" out of sheer masculine curiosity, but to be quite honest, I think that it might end up as one of these dvd's you'll find in the supermarket bargain bin some time in the future. And Iron Man, I didn't even find to be an interesting COMIC, nevermind movie, so I won't be going to see the second one, nevermind the first one. I havent even seen that one yet. : ( I might buy "The Alchemist", based on Paulo Coelho's book, or the Akira live-action movie that people are rumouring around.

    Army of the Dead.
    The Anubis Tapestry: Between Twilights.
    Austin Powers 4.
    Attack of the Killer Tomatoes!
    Battle Angel <---- Yes, this is Battle Angel Alita. All hail the Battle Angel Alita movie.
    Cabin Fever 2.
    Children of the Corn.
    Mmmmaaaybbbeee Cloverfield 2. I havent seen the first one yet.
    Clash of the Titans.
    The Dead Outside.
    The Descent 2. ^_^
    I Want To _____ Your Sister.
    I Spit On Your Grave.
    King Lear
    Kung Fu: the movie <-- Remember the old series that used to be on Sky? David Carradine?
    ZMD: Zombies of Mass Destruction.
    Butterfly Effect... 3? I think its the third part.
    Remake of Hellraiser.
    Underworld 3.
    Turok. (Obviously. Dinosaurs and guns.)
    Witchblade (Depending if its going to be like the crappy series or not.)
    Skellig will be watched dutifully. God BLESS David Almond.
    Skulduggery Pleasant.
    Rapunzel Unbraided looks girly, but interesting. Though I do wish Disney would get back to doing traditional animation instead of CG, which all looks the same to me.

    Theres a movie called "Ocean" I'm currently interested in finding out more about.

    And maybe I'll watch Atari too, but I probably wont buy it.
    Their also doing a Diary of the Dead 2. ¬___¬;; And Metal Gear Solid.
    For those interested, theres also a "Goonies 2" planned.
    -CoughandtheWarcraftmovieIrefusetotalkaboutuncough- ¬__¬;;

    .... Anyone know when their going to stop making Saw movies? I think that's the sixth one coming out now. Seriously. Stop making them! Move on! D; Pllleaaassseee~

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    Re: what movies are you looking forward to see this year

    I would have to say the Wolverine movie. It just looks badass.

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    Re: what movies are you looking forward to see this year

    I just saw wolverine X men origin ... and let me tell you boys, it is good!...
    it went to a totally direction.... is a 4 out of 5...... lol

    good movie go watch it.....

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    Re: what movies are you looking forward to see this year

    the movies i want to see are X-Men Origins, Caroline, and maybe something else
    what i really want to see is Spiderman 4 and Tim Burton's Alice in Wonderland, both are coming out next year
    What do you see?

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    Re: what movies are you looking forward to see this year

    Hollywood hasn't been cracking out many quality movies lately and have made plenty of dissapointments, so I lost interest in visiting the theatres. Considering most aren't anything more than rentals in my opinion, not much has actually peeked my interest.

    I am looking forward to seeing "Crank: High Voltage" -My family members and I had a bet concerning the ending, so you can guess that it came as a big surprise to me when they announced a sequel. It won't be as good as the first obviously, but I don't mind watching it to see if they are willing to make a third addition.

    I still won the bet in the end though...technically.


    Yeah, that movie was....I think that will be the last time I go to the theatres for some time.
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    Re: what movies are you looking forward to see this year

    I can't wait to see star trek, I am not that into star trek (even though I used to watch voyager every week when I was in middle school, all about the borg), I just want to see if they will stay with how the trailer looks and make it more actiony because that was what was missing in the original. Also does anyone know what G-Force is, is it G-Force the anime that is being made into a movie or just another hollywood movie because this title is supposed to come out this year and I don't know what it is.

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