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Thread: What Song Are You Listening To? V2

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    What Song Are You Listening To? V2

    And I quote:

    Quote Originally Posted by Hassun
    Okay everybody, we're going to try this again but with some very strict rules.

    1) When you post in this thread, you have to write more than just the name of the song and the artist.

    "More" can be the following:

    - 'why (the reason) you are listening to the song'

    - 'lyrics of the song you are listening to'. Use the quote tags for all song lyrics, as well as any information copied from an outside source about the song/artist.

    - 'interesting facts about the song/artist you would like to point out to other members'

    - 'useful information about the artist/album' (e.g. how well the artist performs live etc.)

    (I encourage you not to use the same option over and over again.)

    2) The reason of this thread will be no longer to spam and get a higher post count.
    It is made to get people interested in particular artists/songs you like.

    When you post a message here you MUST wait AT LEAST 30 minutes before posting here again.

    +Failure to follow these rules will result in a deleted post and an infraction.+

    Happy posting ~


    Song: Russia Privjet
    Artist: Basshunter
    Album: LOL <(^^,)> International/Christmas Edition

    Why am I listening? Because I <3 Basshunter. I acquired a LOT of his songs and I love all of his albums. And since I can't find any lyrics, wiki strikes again~

    Quote Originally Posted by wiki
    Jonas Erik Altberg (born December 22, 1984, in Halmstad, Sweden), better known by the pseudonym Basshunter, is a Swedish musician and DJ. Basshunter describes his own music as Eurodance, while others may also interpret it as eurotrance, club, and other electronic music genres.[citation needed] Basshunter is managed by former Warner Music A&R agent Henrik Uhlman, and is represented in the United States by Mayar Zokaei.

    He has become famous for his songs "Boten Anna" and "Vi sitter i Ventrilo och spelar DotA", in part owing to their references to geek culture. Altberg has been diagnosed with Tourette syndrome–a condition he spent a lot of energy dealing with while growing up and has only gradually overcome.


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    Re: What Song Are You Listening To? V2

    We currently have no plans to start this thread again, if and when we do, Hassun or another staff member will start it.


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    Re: What Song Are You Listening To? V2

    Whoa, this happened faster than I assumed it would.
    But as Ace said, when it returns it will be started by an AO staff member so nobody should bother making one themselves.

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