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Thread: What are they thinking???

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    What are they thinking???

    Okay I think that Hollywood has gone to far. They get a movie that does well a decide to put a sequel out. Some ,I emit, are good (Saw) while some suck eggs (Grudge). What movies do you think will make a good sequels?
    (Personally my money is riding on Hostel)
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    Re: What are they thinking???

    I agree, like the ring two didnt need a sequal, it was better just leaving it off at the first one. and now let's take it back to the original texas chainsaw massacure in the 70's. they should have not made all of these re-makes. it pretty much ruined the franshise. now rob zombie is remaking "Halloween" i have faith in him and am sure that he will do it right.

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    Re: What are they thinking???

    They are running out of ideas! That's why they have so many remakes. The Grudge should have stopped at the 2nd one I heard about the Grudge 3. I'm not wasting my money. The Grudge 2 sucked! It was horrible,but some parts were funny! And I don't know why they made a Cinderella 3 it should have stopped at 2. I have seen all the Scary movies. And have heard about Scary movie 5. I like the 2nd one and the 3rd one the most. The 2nd one is better. The 4th one was funny,but the ending was dumb. Scary movie 1 wasn't bad it was funny,but the 2nd one is better to me. I didn't even see Epic movie. Date movie wasn't too bad. So alot of movies have more parts to them. The titles of movies are getting dumber! Like these: astronaut farmer, Bug, the number 23, & so on.

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