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Thread: Whats Your Top 10 Favorite Anime/Games Songs?

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    Whats Your Top 10 Favorite Anime/Games Songs?

    OKay, i know you guys here all love anime and some of you are into games too.

    you play the games and watch the animes a lot, so do you have any favorite songs from a video game or/and anime? If you do what are they? i know i do!
    Be specific and have 10 songs..

    1. "Shiki no Uta (Song of the Seasons)" Samurai Champloo
    2. "Biolizard Theme (Supporting Me)" Sonic Adventure 2
    3. "Ling Xiaoyu Theme" Tekken Tag Tournament
    4. "Ogre Theme" Tekken Tag Tournament
    5. "White Jungle (Rhythm and Balance)" Sonic Adventure 2
    6. "Suki Mami Mai Tai" Mezzo DSA
    7. "Dearest (Hamasaki Ayumi)" Inuyasha
    8. "Battlecry" Samurai Champloo
    9."Meteor Herd" Sonic Adventure 2
    10."Perfect Cell Theme" DBZ

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    Re: Whats Your Top 10 Favorite Anime/Games Songs?

    Time to break some more balls: List threads are NOT allowed on AO.

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