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Thread: Who is your favourite Superhero and Supervillain?

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    Who is your favourite Superhero and Supervillain?

    My favourite Superhero I'd have to say is...
    this is hard...
    I guess I have to say Wolverine from the X-men. His attitude as one of the bad boys of the comic book world is awesome. Also, his background, his history as Weapon X and his overall powers and enhancements are just off the wall. My dream fight including Wolverine would be Wolverine vs. The Hulk.
    The weird thing about that though is that it's already been done, and that's when he actually made his first appearance.
    Or either Wolverine vs. Venom.
    That was done in the Ultimate Spider-man comics, but I guess I would like to see that fight on the big screen, same as The Hulk.

    My favourite Supervillain is of course, The Joker from Batman. He is one of the most sadistic people in comic book history. He is almost the best villain I think that anybody could think of. His humor mixed in his insanity is just genius. I consider my alter-ego to be the Joker himself, he's who I idolize in a scene, HE was my childhood hero, NOT Superman or Batman! And I loved him, before The Dark Knight came out, or was even thought of, it's not like I'm new to him. Heath Ledger did the absolute BEST portray of him ever. He's the way I pictured him in my mind.
    My Dream fight including The Joker would be Joker vs. Beast, a battle of whits, or Joker vs. The Riddler.

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    Re: Who is your favourite Superhero and Supervillain?

    My favorite superhero is Sailor Moon. From both the Manga and anime. You get to watch her grow frighten cry baby to a hero who even saves her enemy. Ok so she still has a tendency to cry alot. Everyone has there week points and being over emotional is hers. But she always comes through to save her friends and this planet.

    As for a supervillan, I always loved Lex Luther. There was true genius in alot of what he did. He could hold a grudge forever though (against superman) His biggest fault was his ego. Once his plans got started it was like he assumed that they would go to comepletion. And what's with picking dummies for henchmen?

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    Re: Who is your favourite Superhero and Supervillain?

    My favorite super hero would have to be a toss up between Spiderman, Batman, and Iron man.
    Spider man because he has powers but at the same time you can still relate to him as a person and not some amazing force of awesomeness. Also he has some of the coolest acrobatic moves.
    Batman because he is the ultimate bad a$$ that has no powers and he doesn’t need them and he still gets the job done, plus he has some of the coolest toys.
    Iron man because I love machines and the concept of battle armor and he sure as hell has the most amazing suit out there.

    Now for my favorite bady... I love the joker but his insanity is only second to that of Carnage in Spider man who deserves the title of nuttier then a Christmas fruit cake.

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    Re: Who is your favourite Superhero and Supervillain?

    Hmmmm....hero, huh? Well if i had to choose it would probably be Ichigo Kurosaki of Bleach. He was just a regular (well you know) kid who was randomly thrown into his new lifestyle, and he grew because of it. Through this forced life, he is able to grow mentally and mature in ways he couldn;t have if he was still just a regular kid.

    Villain: I want to say the Joker, but that would really only pertain to Heath Ledger's portrayal. In this case it would have to be Hannibal Lechter, the psychotic cannibalistic mastermind in Silence of the Lambs. his intellect far surpasses most, and even while in prison he is able to practically solve the crime Clarice is trying to solve, plus he is able to make his way out of jail and into some tropic place. His wit, though, i find to be his shining point. "I must leave now, Clarice. I'm having an old friend for dinner."
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    Re: Who is your favourite Superhero and Supervillain?

    Batman is probably my all-time favorite superhero. He's always had a style that is darker and cooler than any other superhero before him. He's almost got a film noir flavor to him. He's got awesome battle gear to make-up for his lack of any real superpowers, he's cunning and willing to become the bad guy from to time to time in order to make sure the true villain is subdued. He wasn't born Batman, he becomes Batman, and I also love the villains he is put up against. Batman villains are probably the coolest and most recognizable out of any other superhero series.

    Incidentally, the Joker is my all-time favorite villain. His past is intriguing to me, his sadistic crimes that make him laugh, his chemistry with his arch enemy, he's one of the most interesting characters in all of comics. I liked in the Dark Knight how the Joker kinda broke the fourth wall by saying "I think you and I are destined to do this forever." He's a villain that knows he's more than just a psychotic super clown, he's a criminal genius.

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    Re: Who is your favourite Superhero and Supervillain?

    Superhero: My favorite HERO of all time is easily Spawn. I don't know if you would count him as a SUPERhero, but that makes no difference to me. His inner battle between good and evil, his love for his wife and daughter are such strong positive values. But then he has that dark side where he can just go nuts and kills gangsters and people working with Melbosia (sp?) in brutal ways. However he is always torn up inside about it and gets all depressed afterwords, which is similiar to the way I used to act when I first got into the series.

    Villian: Hmmm...I'm going to have to pick my namesake and go with Mr. Gone from The Maxx. While not really a "super-villian" he is the antagonist of the series. Having created an alternate reality in the mind of the main character he now has to stop her imaginary characters from crossing over and nobody wants that to happen even though its the only way everyone will end up the way they should be. He really just has everyone's best interests in mind but nobody can see that and they all try to stop him.

    But I guess I'll pick a "supervillian" as well, and have to go with Carnage from Spiderman as the most aweseomest villian. Nobody can compare to his insanity and depravity in the field of evil.


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    Re: Who is your favourite Superhero and Supervillain?

    YAY! A thread that's fun to post in!

    BATMAN, of course! Is my favorite superhero!!!

    He is, obviously the best superhero out there. He kicks ass and he doesn't care about the rules. Screw the law, Batman says.

    And for a hero to say that. That's magic.

    Villain? I'd have to say The Joker. Not just because he's in my favorite comic story. But because he's a psycho who loves a good laugh. While killing someone, and getting on someone else's nerves.

    Yay, go batman!




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    Re: Who is your favourite Superhero and Supervillain?

    A favorite of mine, Black Adam is a hero, anti-hero, and villain all rolled into one. Some of his time is spent with the good guys kicking villain arse, sometimes he's a villain kicking the good guys, and sometimes he's just kicking the arses of both parties. The reason for Adam's turncoat-ish streak is because of his "unconventional" views regarding wrong and right, law and order, yadda yadda.

    For those who are unfamiliar, Black Adam is the nemesis of Captain Marvel (no, not THAT Captain Marvel), they kinda look the same (except for the facial features of course) but Adam dons a black costume instead of a red, both have a lightning bolt logo on their chest. Both of them uses the acronym SHAZAM but the letters of their respective SHAZAMs doesn't stand for the same gods. Adam's powers are "practically" Captain Marvel-ish which also happens to be "practically" Superman-ish.

    I could mention more "favorites" like Deathstroke (Slade), Superboy-Prime, Green Arrow (Ollie), Flash (Jay Garrick), Blue Beetle (Ted) and Booster Gold but it is Black Adam that stands out most.

    *I limited my post to American comic book superheroes/villains only*

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