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Thread: whos better dante or nero in devil may cry4

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    whos better dante or nero in devil may cry4

    who thinks that nero is better then dante
    me i think dante is still the best devil hunter and with the the new weapons he gets is just insane

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    Re: whos better dante or nero in devil may cry4

    Grumble Grumble Grumble ...
    Quote Originally Posted by Dragon Ball View Post
    In an effort to minimise low quality posts, effective immediately, FAVOURITE THREADS can only be created by Community Members and above (Achieved after 30 days AND 100 posts).

    Do not ask the following UNLESS you are a Community Member or higher:
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    • or similar...
    I have seen an increase in these type of threads by new members, and this is bringing down the quality of discussion.

    Hopefully by the time you have reached a Community Member, you will know what is required of you with regards to responsible posting.

    NOW when you do reach Community Member status, please try to continue to give your posts depth and quality otherwise an infraction will be given for low quality posting.

    Point 13 has been updated at Anime Online - FAQ: GENERAL RULES to reflect this rule change.

    Thank you all for your co-operation and we all look forward to reading your quality posts.

    Let's Curb Low Quality Posts - Anime Online:

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