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Thread: Who's Your Favorite "Jack---" Character???

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    Question Who's Your Favorite "Jack---" Character???

    OK, so I'm sure a lot of you probably have seen the Jackass movies, but.... who's your favorite character?

    1) Johnny Knoxville
    2) Steve-O
    3) Wee Man
    4) Ryan Dunn
    5) Jeff Tremaine
    6) Bam Margera
    7) Ehren McGhehey
    8) Preston Lacy
    9) Dimitry Elyashkeyvich
    10) Chris Pontius
    11) Dave England

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    Re: Who's Your Favorite "Jack---" Character???

    Steve-O is the man on that show, I can't get enough of his puking and silly naked shit!
    he's the one who made that show a hit!

    Johnny Knoxville is the asshole who think is funny, he's just there because the show is his!
    he's not funny, he sucks!

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