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Thread: Wii

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    Re: Wii

    Okay, first, let me clarify something:

    Those people who threw their Wiimotes at their TVs? :

    Many ads have shown people not strapped correctly onto the Wiimotes, and many people just do it incorrectly out of intuition. For some reason, people pull the strap all the way down, THEN put it on.


    Does it work just as good as the new "reinforced" Wiimote straps?

    Duh. I've thrown it as hard as I could and let go of it to test it. It works, no matter what, it works.

    Look, nightboyz, if you're gonna' post, follow the rules of the first post.
    I know you don't mean to flame around here, but quite frankly, you're practically coming here just to say "PS3 rules, Wii sucks"... and I could prove that wrong in a lot of ways.
    If you disagree, go ahead, but your post still says it all.

    I have no "guild" on systems. I'm not all Microsoft, Sony, or Nintendo.
    I appreciate Nintendo the most because they're in it for the fun, not the money, and I've known them since I was little. I trust them the most.

    But I don't hate PS3, or XBOX 360 (can anyone really hate Xbox? ... it's the most normal out of all of them), or even dislike them. Quite honestly, the harshest thing I can say is: I dislike the fans of PS3.

    I have my reasons, and even if this topic was closed if I gave my reasons, people would still agree with me that it's true.

    The Wii, Xbox 360, and the PS3 all have their strengths and weaknesses, the Xbox 360 is the most balanced of them all, while the Wii and the PS3 try to take it to the risky extremes.
    Want to talk about how cool the PS3 is? Go start a topic.
    Honestly? I'm getting a Xbox 360 by the end of next month (the latest) and a PS3 before the end of this year. I like all of them for their own reasons, but again, I was raised on Nintendo since I was little so I'm more familiar for what they stand for and like them more.

    So please, no flaming.

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    Re: Wii

    1) No, I dont own a Wii yet. But if anyone is willing to give me one I'll gladly accept it. LOL...I'm not kidding.

    2) Its gaming revolution!! Thank you Nintendo for giving us a new way to play!! Plus bringing back classic games and more "interactive" games to the table...(T^T) Thats why I love you Nintendo.

    3) IF I had a Wii I'd say Twilight Princess (I have the GC one but the Wii version must be soooo~ much better), Super Swing Golf aka Pangnya...I like the chars., and ALL Nintendo classic games...I dont know whats exactly available but IF they have the NES, SNES Final Fantasies thats a must and Earthbound too (aka Mother 2 in Japan)...

    BTW: Does Wii offer multi-regional settings!? So like if I got a Wii here in the US I can get Japanese classic Nintendo games if thats available?

    4) Any epic RPG titles. Like another new Zelda, Tales of..., Final Fantasy, etc.

    5) Yes, if and whenever I can get ahold of a Wii.
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    Re: Wii

    Do you have a Wii?
    Yes I do. :]
    Thoughts about it?
    It's fun especially since it breaks away from the usual controller/console gaming. I also have a PS3 and XBOX 360, but haven't really found anything of interest to me between the two other than games from their previous console versions. Wii controls adds a little challenge with having to get used to it, but it's really fun when you do (and it doesn't take long to).
    Favorite Game(s) ?
    The Legend of Zelda: Twilight Princess, Dragon Ball Z Budokai II, and Wii Sports (Tennis).
    Games looking forward to (old or new)?
    Super Smash Brothers Brawl!!!!
    Willing to share your Wii address?
    I'd be glad to, but I haven't been playing much with exams coming up. ><

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