some may work. there is a signature on your disk drive that reads a region code. if you are in the US the region code is automatically 1. if your in japan its 2. korea its 3. 6 for china. you can only change the region a limited number of times. i think its only 2.

but any way that is if you plan on getting dvds for your computer. im not sure if standard dvds will do.

other things. you can try playing movies with vlc player(which ignores the dvd region)
to my knowledge ps2 from japan wont play US games. but techniques include reprogramming the bios or adding a mod chip.

um there are computer emulators that run ps/ps2 games just by disk/.iso/and the ps2 .jil(i think but it starts with "j")

cd players dont have any sort code or anything.