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Thread: Will Smith getting big on the big screen?

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    Re: Will Smith getting big on the big screen?

    Quote Originally Posted by Ishamael View Post
    I'm surprised that none of you have mentioned movies like Wild Wild West, Enemy of the State, and The Pursuit of Happiness.

    And Jade, come on. He did a sequel to Bad Boys and MIB.

    Will Smith is a pretty big name actor at this point. Heck, the 4th of July weekend has been referred to as "Big Willy Weekend" because a number of his block busters released in theaters within two weeks of the 4th.
    It seems there was some missing detail of the movies you have mentioned before, and i do not remember them that much because the movies has been old since the 90's i believe, but on top of that there was a bit of a more comedy of it rather than the action of the movie that has been spoken of. Another part of what i am speaking of is that the Wile Wild West movie was kinda of like a half-comedy and half-action film, since it started out like serious then it would turn out funny through the middle of the movie. While the other movies i have not seen yet, since it never showed commercials about it before.

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    Re: Will Smith getting big on the big screen?

    Will Smith break through as an actor after Fresh Prince was Bad Boys (one of my favorites he was in)... That lead him starring roles such as Independence Day, MIB, WWW<Wild Wild West>, even before all of them he was in a movie called Six Degrees of Separation where he played a gay guy... I don't know if too many people saw that movie & if I am correct it was a little controversy about that role he portrayed... I was kinda of young at the time & even I couldn't see what was the big fuss about. I really didn't like seeing him kissing another dude though... A matter of fact I really couldn't tell you the story behind it either just that I know he was playing a gay guy cause that is what stood out about the movie for me as a youngster... I might just watch it though now cause I am older & to see what the movie was really about, since my memory is a little foggy...

    All I am saying is Will Smith is a talented actor & has been since the early 90's I always liked most of the movies he played in except a few, but all in all he does star in 2 of the classics I love which are Bad Boys I & II... Independence Day wasn't bad either I can remember the day at the movie when it came out in Germany... It was packed!!! lol' ^_^

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    Re: Will Smith getting big on the big screen?

    Yeah,but he has had a lot of good movies already. I like MIB,Independence Day,Hancock,I Robot and The Wild Wild West. I didn't like I am Legend tho. He acted too weird. I like Fresh Prince of Belair. I haven't seen all of his movies. Hancock was good!!

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