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Thread: Wow?

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    You guys might be too ashamed to admit it but I'm not xD

    I recently started playing World of Warcraft... and it's not as bad as I thought it would be. The hardest thing to deal with is snobby players actually but it's like that with any online game.

    This game is huge and at times it takes itself waaay to seriously (like waaaay). It's also a game to be played it groups :/

    There are so many unspoken rules and ethics a player must follow and so many opportunities to do the wrong thing, especially when it comes to leveling your characters talents. And lots of people who are more than willing to pull the wool over your eyes..

    I have a lvl 17 Paladin and I just finished my very first dungeon ^_^

    Though I was grossly misled by a random I met while grinding.. I wanted to tank but he was like 'sp3nd ur talent pointz in ret' which is geared for dps.

    I dunno. I think I still might be a console girl but Wow certainly isn't bad. And I'm probably the worst Paladin in Wow history lol, these guys have three lives pretty much with their crazy skills/spells etc. yet I still end up getting myself killed xD

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    Re: Wow?

    i was and still am in the same boat as u are. ive been on and off of WOW for a while now and i still dont know any of the rules or skills or talent or anything of that nature with it. i had a lvl 46 blood elf pally the last time i quit and i loved playing it. definitely one of the cheaper classes as in terms of warrior skills combined with healing magic but i still enjoyed it. i gave up cuz i had to get to lvl 46 by myself. i did all the group quests and stuff myself but i had to grind and lvl up to a point where i could take them on myself. anyways i still thought it was enjoyable but without a group of people to enjoy it with it sucks.

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    Re: Wow?

    I played WoW on and off for a couple of years. It's fun if you have a group of friends to play with but eventually I just get really bored of the game. I find myself just grinding to get to the max level to actually do some fun stuff but I burn out before I get there.

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    Re: Wow?

    if you're just starting out playing wow, I suggest you do what that guy said, find a good Retribution Leveling spec and use that. (here's one: Talent Calculator - World of Warcraft )

    Also, Leveling as a Prot Pally isn't feasible till level 40 when the talents that make the spec viable become available to you. Your DPS will be very low and grinding mobs will take longer and be more difficult.

    Tanking is a very complex, difficult, stressful and often thankless role in parties and Raids. 5 times out of 10, a party/raid wipe is the tanks fault (the other half is split between the DPS and healers). Tanking is best left to those that understand their class, how the games threat mechanics work and have some knowledge of the dungeons/raids that they are going to be in (like where mobs are, what their patrol routes are, ect)

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