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Thread: xbox 360 elite?

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    Re: xbox 360 elite?

    Quote Originally Posted by Ochi Gate View Post
    dude, its black... not a shiny black, but an awesome flat black... ima get one, DEFINITLY! call me retarded, but it just looks cool. and that huge hdd will come in handy someday
    Well I'm not going to call you retarded, but I'm going to assume you're pretty financially well off and not very smart with money. If the black color is a major part of your decision making, then there are many decor companies out there that would be glad to help you change your casing

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    Re: xbox 360 elite?

    i know my xbox wouldnt be worth a lot to sell bacl to a store i mean i can sell it to my cuzzin for more than half the original price (he says he would buy it for 300) so i could use that money with the money i already have and buy it

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