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Thread: Xenogears and Xenosaga?

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    Xenogears and Xenosaga?

    Hey i was wondering if anyone knows how they were going to tie Xenogears into the whole Xenosaga thing. I knwo that they stopped with III because of poor sales (it's too bad that they screwed up a great story like Xenogears) but i remember that they were originally going to have Xenogears as part 5 in a 6 part story.

    Does anyone know how they were going to do that? I know they had the perfect works book that laid out the storyline but I'm sure they didnt mention anything about Xenosaga (even though I can't read it).

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    Re: Xenogears and Xenosaga?

    Huge spoiler coming...

    Quote Originally Posted by Wikipedia

    Xenogears Allusions
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