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Thread: Are you anything like a vampire? (explain why)

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    Re: Are you anything like a vampire? (explain why)

    I am similar to a vampire because i do have real fangs and leave marks on my skin, but i do not want to go very detailed on this one because it could get me in trouble of what things to say to you. I like blood and drinked from people before and it felt like you had that tension to do it. Another thing that makes me like a vampire is that i enjoy the night better than the day with sunlight i get nearly blinded once i step out from the darkness.

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    Re: Are you anything like a vampire? (explain why)

    umm i sleep a lot, but that's about it, i know a lot of people that are incredibly like vampires, and it makes you wonder..ha

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    Re: Are you anything like a vampire? (explain why)

    great jupiter! vampires everywhere! you vamps are all dead when van helsing gets here.

    seriously though...i don't consider myself to be one.

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    Re: Are you anything like a vampire? (explain why)

    Quote Originally Posted by darkangel1240 View Post
    A little bit... Because, my front teeth look like fangs.. i like blood, i always wanted my eyes red.. I like the darkness and i hate garlic! And, i would always want to taste blood.. (scary huh?) Remember! to explain why are you like a vampire...
    Wow, did you really post this thread?

    Like, are you serious? Are you seriously asking us to seriously compare ourselves to the undead?

    YAY !
    Well, no I'm nothing like a vampire. Well, no I take that back. I love night time. Love, love, love. And I'm always cold. When you touch me, or just me by myself - I'm always freezing. Don't know why. I have piercing eyes, so I'm told. And that's a feature that most vamps trick their prey with. Their eyes. Whoo!

    *Go TWILIGHT !

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    Re: Are you anything like a vampire? (explain why)

    Sadly, I am but a mere mortal v.v
    I like sneaking out at night for walks, I'm always cold, and I luffs having my room dark 24/7, but other than that... I got nothin :\

    What wrong with you people?
    Garlic = <3

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    Re: Are you anything like a vampire? (explain why)

    well i sleep a lot, i drink cherry coolaid and haave sharp canines, but im not a vampy. regretably..darn..

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