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Thread: Are you in a Band?

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    Re: Are you in a Band?

    Well I want to be in a band, but at the moment in time I am not, but if I was I would play Surf, Alternative, Indie, stuff like that, and I would be on the guitar, and I have two, so another person can be rhythm guitarist, so see it all works out
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    Re: Are you in a Band?

    Currently no, I have my own projects lately most involve recording in my studio on my own. I have drum simulators from Roland that take the place of a drummer for my production, it is less hassle because I don't have to worry about them being there whenever I feel like recording or mixing something.

    I just finished up a demo of two songs I had been working on for a while, I play all instruments except the drums as I spoke of in the last paragraph. No vocals as I prefer instrumental music, I just find it alot more simple and expressive. If I want vocals I may get a friend that I know or something to do them, but for the most part the lyrics are for the most part are added to color different parts of pieces I have already laid out.

    I have been in a few bands, never mad anything out of it and I'm happy with that. I've never cared for the whole publicity thing, might be cool to play something like Ozzfest with the right line up as a band. But over all I like making music bottom line, fame or no fame, heck I make records out of my basement studio and they sell in local record shops. I have no label and I'm preferring it that way because I'm also a professional truck driver, I'm comfortable in that as my main careerer and not looking to change it.

    Kinda stupid I suppose some ppl would say, as I have a degree in guitar from Musicians Institute and a degree in recording and media from Berkley.

    "Why don't you do something with that?"

    The way I see it, I am. After I am able to retire I plan on opening my studio the the musical public, maybe one day getting a seperate building and moving everything into it so it can be out of my house.

    Right now, I'm happy doing what I'm doing.
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