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Thread: Your very first game..

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    Re: Your very first game..

    Yepp yepp... Duck Hunt was the 1st... still have it too :/ And not any better than when I started. I remember having to put the gun right up to the TV screen just so I could shoot those damn birds.

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    Re: Your very first game..

    Since I was born at the start of the game revolution, we have had an NES for as long as I can remember. My first game was probably Super Mario Bros. for NES. The three I remember playing the most were Contra, Lifeforce, and Super Mario Bros. I don't know why...maybe it was all we had. That and I played a lot of Atari and this thing called a Commador 64 (back when disks were actually floppy!).

    Let games live on forever.........
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    Re: Your very first game..

    My very first game... It would have to be Silk Worm for the old school Nentendo. That game was fun as hell, and hard as hell. I only beat it once. Its damn near impossible to beat it as a single player, you need two people to do that. I have spent more hours playing that then any of all my other games I have played sence other then Earth Worm Jim. Which I think EWJ is still the best game of all time.

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    Re: Your very first game..

    Sonic the Hedgehog!! I played it at my friend's house all the time when I was younger, and I remember she and her brother used to get upset because I was better at it than either of them... hahahaha
    Wo shi zhen zhen zhen xi huan ni...

    Thank you Equinn!! ^-^

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    Re: Your very first game..

    my first game waz robocop for the sega genesis...i waz about five or six at the time and i luvD it!!!!!
    luv ya long time

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    Re: Your very first game..

    My grandma was actually a gamer (she has alh's now, and she had a set of games for the atari) and when I was four one night I went to the sewing room at her house and saw her playing it. She noticed me and asked me if I wanted to play with her and I said yeah, and the game she was playing was pong, yes, Pong was my first game I played when I was a kid which led to a addictive hobby that continues to this day (twenty years later), I guess being a gamer is a family tradition.
    Ah, Then I'm not the only one to date myself. I also started on Pong on the Atari system in the Late 70's. That was followed by Astroids. I have been playing video games for 30 some years. May the tradition continue!

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    Re: Your very first game..

    Quote Originally Posted by Jokerman View Post
    My first game was The Incredible hulk for Sega Genesis. It kinda sux. The gameplay was kinda like Final Fight except you lost all ur power at the worst times in the game T_T. but since then I've become a hella gamer freak and I'm proud of it lol!
    awsome .i didn t know the hulk had a game for the Sega Genesis>.>..i think the story is more important than the gameplay..(example FF7 ^.^)..well u see how something suckie can turn into something good..Game on!

    Quote Originally Posted by MsUzumaki12 View Post
    I believe my first game was sonic the headgehog for the...uh..I odnt remeber the game system but yea......I know my first game was sonic^_^
    awww yeah..i remember the headgehog games..yeah. it came out for like all game system at the i get it how its hard to remember the game freakin rocked through..ill still play that game if i could

    Quote Originally Posted by ayu View Post
    My first game was Chrono Cross. I don't know what/who its for cause it was really a long time ago. It was alright. Although, I haven't finished it yet. My dad took away the PS1 so bye-bye Chrono Cross.
    Chrono Cross..hmm i never played that but everyone i know has.I heard it was good.i had a ps1 but i sold it cuz i learned that u can play ps1 games on your ps2 sowwie about urs..i hope u got a ps2^.^;;;;;

    Quote Originally Posted by Ichiya Yuka View Post
    1st game....hmm....*thinking* ah.....Harvest Moon..yeah..that's
    AWsome!!! Game..I never beat it

    Quote Originally Posted by NeoDeath90 View Post
    Ah this brings me back. I was a child of three (and you a lad of 18, haha, a little decemberists quote for you) when i played my first game. I was at my uncle's house, and he had some computer games. And my first encouter ever with a video game, again at the age of three, was the original Doom. Yes, my gaming passion started off with Doom.
    hmm doom..sounds scary..but pretty cool..thats pretty cool that a computer game was u first game played..grapics were probably pretty suckie though..unlike the computers,..u were three right?..and u remember..WoWO.o

    Quote Originally Posted by Hantei16 View Post
    I may be 10% wrong on this one but i think it was the side-shooting Macross game for the Famicom. Y'know, the one where you play with a Valkyrie jet that transforms into Battroid and Gerwalk modes...It has a pretty straightforward gameplay since all you had to do was shoot everything in sight, it has no complicated what-to-dos except for the time limit inside the Zentradi ship......which isn't really complicated, AT ALL.

    ....and i still have the cartridge.
    wow..i never heard that but that does sound pretty old..(shootiing things in sight) lol..Dont ya love old school games..=^.^=..

    Quote Originally Posted by KRaZyAmmo View Post
    My first game was either Super Mario Brothers and/or sonic the hedgehog. I just still remember playing it everytime. Fun times. From there I got attached and got into games. Now I'm getting into PC gaming.
    Same with me too! I love Super mario Brothers and justing getting into the sims2 for the PC ..its freakin awsome..the graphics are out of this should check it out..

    Quote Originally Posted by Toki View Post
    my first game would have to be sonic for saga and it was really a great game really brings back good times lol.
    Yuppie!^.^...see old school games u never forget and u will remember you very first game..Good times, Good Memories..

    Quote Originally Posted by darkangel1240 View Post
    I think my first video game was Sonic the hedgehog for the Sega Genesis. I used to play that game a lot (even though i couldn't beat it and it was hard) And, cause of that i'm a gamer now. ^^

    And i still play sometimes. It's a good game! ^^ very popular..yeah i agree was a good game..i would love to play that game again..(i dont own really any of my old game systems..-_-..)

    Quote Originally Posted by Sazuka View Post
    Duck Hunt I think. On the Nintendo, nothing could beat using this to shoot ducks... but having an urge to shoot the dog. that is really old..i brought the Nintendo once..just to play duck hunt. that was the first shooting game i right?..yeah..but i suck at it! i have bad

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    Re: Your very first game..

    Wow, never seen so many quotes in the one post. 1, 2, 3, 10 quotes all up. Still, if you've got something to say...

    dede de de-de de, de...

    Super Mario Brothers. Old school Nintendo Entertainment System, AKA the NES console. Damn, we had fun on that. My brother & I would battle it out to see who could get further, older age having it's advantages for me. Mind you, I could never beat Dad on it. I mean, how could a kid beat someone who could get through the game no less then 3 times, start to end! It just got faster each time around, & we would sit amazed as Dad would pass level after level. Mind you, the good old NES started playing up towards the end of it's life, thought I was the one with the magic touch, always able to coax life out of it 1 more time. We've still got the console & games here too, along with a 2nd NES, though neither work unfortunately...

    Somewhere along the line we also got a Pong machine for the old black & white TV up in mum & Dad's room. Another battle between brothers, each battling to keep that little white square from going past the white lines we controlled. It had other games too, turn the dial & you had soccer, each having a second paddle on the other side of the field, but otherwise it was still pong, & another battle.

    Today I still love a good game or 2, though the original X box will have to do for now. Since my gaming computer got a virus, I've had to reload Windows a couple of times, then discovered I was missing files. I did eventually find the files & got new anti-virus, but my computer has never been able to play games since. Guess that serves as a warning to get anti-virus, & keep it up to date...

    The Madman previously known as Daniel219

    Wish I could get on here more often. *Sigh* The down side to night shift...

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