I usually like playing remove from play cards. My friends hate my decks, because they do many things, and can confuse them. Now, my favorite thing to do is combine defense with attack. I think I'm the only one that has ever used a Gren Maju de Eza in face-down defense mode. I've been my friends use a huge dragon and slam into a Gren that's anywhere from 3000 to as high as 8000 or slightly more. It's SO FUNNY when they lose like that.

The deck that describes me most though is my plant deck. I'm known as White Rose to my friends, and Black Rose Dragon is my pet. I try not to overuse the synchro's, but i do have a synchro deck that is nasty fast. I have a total of 4 decks, and I love playing my friends with newer decks. The classics still work though, lol.