Ash and Pikachu head out to the Unova region to catch new Pokemon, battle new trainers and make new friends along the way.

After a practice battle, Iris revealed that Axew was given to her as a test to raise it into a Haxorus, but Axew can't seem to control its powerful Dragon Rage attack. She also has an Excadrill that doesn't listen to her.
Ash had a five-on-five battle against his rival Trip and lost.
Cilan caught a Dwebble.
Ash got a Pokemon egg.
Ash finally got his badge case from his new rival Bianca.
Ash challenged Lenora at the Nacrene Gym and lost.
Oshawott learned Aqua Jet and Tepig learned Flame Charge as a result of their training.
Ash challenged Lenora for a rematch and won his second Unova badge

Last Time:
“Rematch At The Nacrene Gym!"
Right after his defeat from Lenora, Ash is training Tepig and Oshawott to make them stronger and prepare them for their rematch. Even after all of their training, it may not be an easy rematch after seeing Lenora's Lillipup evolve. How will Ash fair in this battle and will he be able to get his second Unova badge?

This Time:
“Scraggy-Hatched To Be Wild!"
Saturday, May, 28th, 9:00am Eastern
Encore: Sunday, June, 5th, 7:00am Eastern
As Ash and his friends continue on their journey, Ash's egg starts to glow and hatches into a Scraggy, which was already kind of given away by the episode title itself. However, unlike most other baby Pokemon, Scraggy has a temper problem and quickly attacks the group's Pokemon. Will Ash be able to train his new Pokemon into a good member of his Unova team?

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