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Thread: akatsuki

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    Exclamation akatsuki

    wat would the akatsuki be like in real life?
    would they kill people stilll?
    would they be nice ?

    if they were real and they said u had a power or demon they needed and they said join us or die .
    would u join or run?

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    Re: akatsuki

    They would probably be an organized crime ring similar to the mafia with more followers.

    That's how I always saw it. As for joining them, nah. It wouldn't be fun to work for them. Too many other people following the trend. I'd fight back and play tag with them.

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    Re: akatsuki

    I agree. If you mean that if they were a part of real life and didn't have their powers, they'd be similar to the Yakuza, but want to take over the world. If they still had their powers, then they would be a government threat and probably would have taken over ^^' If I had the choice to join or run, I think it would be fun to run around
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