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Thread: Anbu....overrated?

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    Re: Anbu....overrated?

    maybe later in the series they'll serve as backup and take out the lesser enemies while the main characters deal with the main villains.
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    Re: Anbu....overrated?

    truly i have only seen the Anbu lose to main characters so far but what is going on with that one girl that has long purple hair i see her all of the time but i never see her again what is her part in this? she is anbu and she has to be strong since you never really see anbu floating around anywhere anyways
    all you see is ninjas like chunin and jounin plus they tend to be very sneaky. They are the real ninjas in this anime since you dont see much of them your not supposed to see a ninja in an anime much unless they feel like revealing them selves to you or not thats there main point. They are they to make naruto more intersting since everytime you see an anbu around it means trouble.
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