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Thread: coolest hand seals?

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    Re: coolest hand seals?

    Why it's the classic hand seal which opens all doors and smites all enemies of course! It can even be combined for double effect (or at least 1.5 times the effect).

    It's so effective, they even took it out of the anime release because it would disrupt the careful balance of the characters' power levels!

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    Re: coolest hand seals?

    Quote Originally Posted by Fallen Hero View Post
    The coolest hand sign was displayed by Zabuza while performing the water dragon jutsu.
    i also like the hand seal performed by zabuza...it's really cool...i hope i can do that too...

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    Re: coolest hand seals?

    hmmmm... I dont really know if you mean a hand sign combo or just one hand sign.
    My favorite is tiger

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