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Thread: could they be real ?

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    Question could they be real ?

    i really want to know wat people think of this topic because my freind and i keep seeing stuff from the show and once in a while will see the characters and objects as well
    from the show like ive saw
    2. deidaras and a clay bird in the sky
    my freind has saw
    1.deidaras clay bird
    3. hidans scythe

    so does anyone think they could be real???????

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    Re: could they be real ?

    1.) maybe? but I highly dought it... (very highly...)
    2.) there is suck things as clay birds, but not the one your thinking about (I think) well anyway... I don't think so...
    1.deidaras clay bird (I guess a fan could make one of clay? (or c4 if they rlly wanted to...))
    2.saskue (cosplay?)
    3. hidans scythe (I've seen them made of anything from cardboard to metal...(some are really nice))
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    Re: could they be real ?

    If I saw Sasuke I would so make him mine! I love sasuke! lol He is so bad ass and so super cute!

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