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Thread: Create your own jutsu or Naruto character

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    Re: Create your own jutsu or Naruto character

    Name: Rajingu Deragonu
    Gender: Male
    Age: Unknown (looks like he is in his late 40s)
    Village: Leaf
    Personality: Clam, teacher at heart, fun, friendly, stubborn
    Skill: Pheonix Resurrection no jutsu*, Genjutsu, medic jutsu, Fire type justues, Ice type jutsues
    Past: All is known about of this ninja is that he is the container of the seven winged dragon. All iformation about him is sealed so that no one with his consent can open them, no even the hokage.
    Rank: Jounin
    Team: does not have one; he is more a support member to the other teams
    Genjutsu: 10/11
    Taijutsu: 11/11
    Bloodline: unknown
    Element: Ice and Fire

    *Pheonix Resurrection no jutsu- This jutsu can be used only in battle and near death. Like the name suggest, you are ingulfed by flames, reborn as a baby, and hold all the memory of their life. This Jutsu can be only be used by a Jinchūriki or a person that has a creature of mastive amountg of charka, like a dragon. People who have master this technic usually in battle and causes mastive mental distress. Over time the user gets over his or her past and live to protect their family, friends, and village.  9741
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    Re: Create your own jutsu or Naruto character

    Name: Chaos Yoshimitsu
    Gender: Male
    Age: 13
    Village: Konaha
    Personality: Calm and Cool
    Past: Well actualy he's from the future he fights Freddy Kruger, now he made a machine a while ago. He uses it to escape from him to rise an army. Now he's gone to Naruto's world and completly reset his life, but he still remembers what happened in the other world, his other friends,
    Rank: Naruto's rank
    Team: Naruto's team
    Ninjutsu: 5/5
    Genjutsu: 5/5
    Taijutsu: 5/5
    Hair: Blond
    Hair Style: Spiky in the back
    Cloth Style: new awesome clothes
    Eyes: Blue
    New Jutsu: Metor Strike Jutsu- well it like resengon and chidorai at the same time with the same hand, and the best way to do it is when you are in mid-air.
    Parents:unknown (died while giving birth)
    Brothers or sisters: none
    Aunts: Unknown
    Uncles: Unknown
    Relitives: Unknown

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    Re: Create your own jutsu or Naruto character

    Name: ramshan domoa


    village born: sand
    village now: darkness

    Rank: Chuunin

    background:my dad killed my mom and then he killed him self and left me to die but i got picked up by a traveling puppetere and helped me he tought me the way to be a puppet master and some other things to teach me but i have the wierd feel that i need to kill some one but i dont know how

    Ninjutsu:Gokusamaisou - Sand Prison Burial /Kage Bunshin no Jutsu - Shadow Clone Technique/Tajuu Kage Bunshin no Jutsu - Multiple Shadow Clone Technique/ Kugutsu no Jutsu - Puppetry Technique Kuro Higi Kiki Ni Hatsu - Black Secret Technique Crisis of Two/ Début Kairai Engeki • Kuro Higikiki Ippatsu - Puppet Theater • Black Secret Technique Dual Mechanism One Shot/Doku Kiri Jigoku • Baribari Hyaku Renpatsu - Poison Mist Hell • Hundred Continous Tears/Hitokugutsu - Human Puppet

    GenJutsu:Magen • Narakumi no Jutsu - Demonic Illusion • Hell Viewing Technique/Kokuangyou no Jutsu - Journey into Black Darkness Technique

    Taijutsu:Bunshin Taiatari - Clone Ramming Suicide Attack/Konoha Dai Senpuu - Leaf Great Whirlwind/

    Bloodline jutsu: (Speak to me or Shadow Muyo before filling this out.)none

    Weapons: puppets

    I will probably make the profiles over the weekend or whenever I don't have too much homework. If I'm not on and really need a profile tell Shadow Muyo and I'll get on if I can.
    woop woop
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    Re: Create your own jutsu or Naruto character

    Name: Nikon Shintar

    Age: 16 (apparent)

    Appearence: Tall (about 6' 3") Light skin, red hair similar to Garra with little curls at the tips of each lock, blue eyes

    Gender: Male

    Outfit: Alternating between blue baggy shorts (think Sora from KH2) and similar long pants but brown, a black tanktop with a metal shoulder pad on his left shoulder, wears his headband (has one from each village, often wears his first bearing the image of a smoking volcano) loosely around neck

    Village: Village Hidden in the Flames (located in a dorment volcano)

    Personality: Calm, collective, smart, battle-wise, often aloof fearing that those that become close to him will be harmed somehow

    Rank: Ronin (wandering ninja, think about it and it will make sense)

    Chakra Affinity: Main- Fire, able to use all expertly

    Skills: Amazing agility; incredible acrobat; very fast, quick, etc.; intellegent; able to create rasengan from mouth and feet as well as hands; chidori can be created with both hands; own (not granted by Lion, see past) kekei genkai called sinryugan that with 3 adjustable lvls 1-small chakra view and 1 sec view into future, 2-medium chakra view with view of chakra system (no chakra nodes) and 3 sec view into future, 3-view of all chakra and view of chakra system (with nodes) and 5 sec view of future, and mangyekyo-ish lvl that allows 1 min view of future. When he looks into the future, Nikon is able to hear what he sees. During the Mangyekyo-ish lvl, if he pushes his view past the 1 min or even 1 sec back, he loses the ability to hear during these visions (1 min 1 sec+ or 1 sec+ backwards he loses sound. 1 sec - 1 min he retains sound)

    Ninjutsu: 10/10
    Genjutsu: 8/10
    Taijutsu: 9/10

    Special Jutsus: Fire-storm jutsu: a dark cloud is released that absorbs any/all fire (including black fire) sent inside of it and releases a storm of large fire balls 5 mins. after cast (great defence against Uchihas); flare-body jutsu: user is covered in flames that do not hurt that person, a sliding effect is added to movements and a flight-like rush is performable; bubble mine-field jutsu: bubbles containing rasengan-like chakra swirls are sent out that burst when anybody except the user touch them; Hurricane Falcon: combining chidori and rasengan, Nikon is able to create a furious bird of chakra around his body, when his hands are together, a rush of chakra pulls him forward with a furious rush; Chakra Charge jutsu: after performing the nessesary hand signs, large ammounts of chakra is stored in the arm waiting to be realeased in a high-powered laser, if released early, the laser will be small, after use the arm becomes useles as the chakra lines have been temporaraly ravaged, a special brace-wrap is need to use the arm before the lines are fixed as it feeds chakra along the arm in question; Demon Merge Jutsu: A jutsu that allows Nikon to combine with the Dark Lion, Nikon remains in control of this form, this jutsu is also usable by anybody with a tailed demon

    Team: Serene Uchiha (see past)-deceased, Broden Nukara-deceased (see past)

    Weapons: anything available, trained in all weapons, perfers swords

    Past (note, past is kinda lengthy): Stronger than any of the tailed demons, the Dark Lion was sealed in Nikon's great-great-grandfather when he (gg grandfather) was a baby. This seal required blood of every clan, both important (ex. Uchiha, Hyuga) and non important, to complete the seal. As a result, this gave Nikon's gg grandfather the kekei genkai of every clan. When the gg-gf had a son, he was cursed to die in 10 years as to give his son a decent childhood eventough the lion and the bloodline traits were passed down to his son, thus the 13 years of life remaining limit. This continued up to Nikon. However people wanting the cursed being dead, they killed Nikon's father and mother leaving Nikon alone unaware of his birth. An elder from the Village hidden in the Flames. There, Nikon was trained to control his own kekei genkai and the Dark Lion. Teamed with Serene Uchiha, an Uchiha hidden from Itachi, and Broden Nukara, a child that contained a tailed demon. One night when Nikon was 10, Itachi and Kisami came for Broden as he was the container for the six tailed demon. Realizing what Serene was, Itachi killed her and was about to kill Nikon but thought against it when he saw a faint sharingan in his (Nikon's) eyes. Broden was taken and never seen again. After the incident, Nikon was told about his other powers and left to train in all the different village to learn about the kekei genkais. His journey places him in the Konohagukare. Durig his time in Konoha, Nikon undergoes a trial that gives him a kind of imortality (doesn't age, can be killed but only if he wants to or if he is stuck by a severe enough blow though this is almost never happens, he is still affected by normal fatigue after strenuous fights of other activity)

    (Sorry my description is long. I also wish I could show you sinryugan)
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    Re: Create your own jutsu or Naruto character

    Name:Katayame Ren(My username)
    Rank:genin or Medical ninja
    Special effect:Can heal any wound(inside or outside)by using a little chakra
    have sharingan eyes although she's not from Uchiha clan.
    Personality:smart, prettiest in konoha, hardworking,kind
    Story : Her family was kill by one of the akatsuki member because her mother is the 3-tailed fox.When she knew about it, she trained herself to become stronger. When she was 8, Ren heard about the genin's and The 3rd hokage consulations, she found out that she has sharingan and could use and controls it right now. She trained more harder and finally opens the sharingan after three weeks of training. She graduated two weeks later. her genin knew
    she has sharingan and trained her hard. Finally she took part at the jounin exam and pass it easily. She became jounin at 9 years. Although she's the youngest jounin, she's the strongest. She became genin at 10. She also trained herself to become a medical ninja so that she can heal herself when she's injured in tasks.She became the most powerful medical ninja in konoha.
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    Re: Create your own jutsu or Naruto character

    Quote Originally Posted by SakinaFlutePlayer View Post
    I don't know if this exactly fits here or not but I don't know the rules as much as some since this IS my first day with this account.
    -Come one, come all to the "Create Your Own Justsu or Naruto character" thread. Here you can post your creations. There's no real purpose to this thread other than to collect creativity from the fans of the Naruto series. There are however a few small rules(sorry, but I just think I should put up at least 4 rules, that are very easy to follow?):

    1) ORIGINALITY, ORIGINALITY, ORIGINALITY, I cannot stress that enough.

    2) The justsu or character cannot be proclaimed as "flawless" or "beats everything" once put into picture.

    3) Have fun (I know it's cheesy but I needed a 3rd non-consequential rule).

    4) *NEW RULE* Aside from characters and jutsu, should a person desire itso, they are allowed to create weapons and other accessories for the character they create. Of course, all the rules that apply to the jutsus and characters also apply to the weapons as well.
    -I guess I'll post my own creations first:
    Name: Sakina Kani Shi'in

    Gender: Female

    Age: 16 (original) 20 (shippuuden in new story)

    village: Tasogaregakure

    personality: Sakina is a very quiet girl that is pretty open minded about things and kind of has an evil mind.

    Skills: Making strategies, She plays the flute, she can sing, and is good at gymnastics.

    Young/Old mentally: Old

    Food: Rice
    Past: When Sakina was five her parents started treating her like a slave. She would be forced to cook, clean, and do almost everything for her family. In her free time she would mostly be found near almost any thing were water would be such as a creak, or river. At the age of 6 Sakina started to get into a few new things such as Drawing,
    and singing. Her parents did not care about the drawings and always either ripped them up, and threw it in the fire place. At the age of 8 Sakina was sent to the village to get some medicine. When Sakina went back to her dreadful home and saw that her parents and sister had abandoned her. So Sakina ran from the house and adventured through the forest that they lived in, and when she was about 10-20 miles away she decided to live in the forest. She slept and lived in a small cave in the forest. Since Sakina was alone she would talk to the less dangerous animals that lived around her(She never went crazy and
    threatened to kill any of them since they didn’t talk back like kimimaru did to a flower.)At the age of ten Sakina started trying to use taijutsu so she could try and be thought as a ninja. Sakina made a few jutsu's and surpassed some of the older and trained ninja. When Sakina was 13 she met with a young girl around age 9 named Kotone.
    Sakina decided to take in kotone as a student. Kotone started getting stronger and stronger quickly until Sakina decided Kotone would be her Teammate. Then, one night a powerful
    ninja attacked the two while they were practicing, and Kotone was killed in the process while Sakina lived. The time Kotone died Sakina started closing up to the rest of the world, and never trusted anyone she met paths with. ::time skip:: After a long journey when she was 16 she returned to her first home were her family lived called, Tasogaregakure, at the age of 19. were she joined back up with her clan, Kani, and one year later was named as a Jounin ninja. But she had the choice to deside by herself who she chooses for a student.::End here::

    Rank: Jounin

    Sensei: Herself

    Teammates: Kotone (Deceased)

    Student: Kotone (Deceased), Hakuryu Hiwarity (living)

    Ninjutsu: 5/5
    Genjutsu: 4/5
    Taijustu: 4/5

    Bloodline Limit: She is able to talk to other Kani girls using, Kononita.

    Element: Water/ fire

    Clothing style (new!): A black tank top with a white bra covering up her chest, and sky blue shorts that have at least three pockets with few rips at the ends. She wears red and purple gloves that are fingerless. She still wears the same old shoes though, "The naruto shoes". Sakina also still wears two beads on each side of her hair, but know they changed from Orange to a Crimson color.

    Skin tone: Tan/ white

    Eye: Grey eyes that have yellow around the pupil.(I got this idea from one of my classmates eyes...)

    Hair: She has shiny long, loose, black hair that has a bead on one lock of hair on each side of her face.
    Name: Hakuryu Hiwarity
    Gender: Male
    Age: 11-12(Original naruto), 14-15 (Shippuuden)
    Village: Tasogaregakure
    Clan: Shadow Master ::Kage Danna::
    Personality: Hakuryu has a curious nature. He is very quiet, and can
    be somewhat cold-hearted to others.
    Skills: Hakuryu can go unnoticed tin or out of places, he his a fast
    runner, and is good at getting past though tight spaces.
    Young/old mentally: Old
    Food: Rice balls
    Family: unknown

    rank: Genin
    Sensei: Sakina Kani Shi'in (living)
    student: None
    Teammates: None so far
    Taijutsu: 3/5
    Genjutsu: 2/5
    Ninjutsu: 5/5
    Element: Shadow
    Weapons: Shadows... earth....

    Hair: Blown/red mixed. One side of bangs on the right side is cut off
    while one side is of his bangs still lives.
    Eyes: Grey blue
    Skin tone: White
    clothing: He wears a worn out shirt that has hints of the shirt being
    light blue. Hakuryu's pants are slightly new and are a shade of Crimson. He
    wears black very worn out shoes.
    It's actually not that long if you think about it...

    name: Akio Kiryu(not original, but im working on it)
    age: ????
    timeframe: before any of the series...
    past: Akio was a uchiha from before the time itachi or sasuke were born..she was outcasted in the clan and branded a witch..she was a ninja at first, highly gifted, but then set on darker art forms..she practiced satanic/evil/ demonic ninjustu and specified in illusions..achieved mangekyo but burning her best friend to death. left the clan afterward..
    she was even thought to control minds by hypnosis.. she was not invincible, but she was so tolerable with pain it almost didnt matter
    personality: quiet, fast thinking, merciless...doesnt care about anyone..
    attacks: black shockwave(taijutsu), dark eternal enchantment(illusion). .. demonic alcohol(fire jutsu)

    temamates: dead(murder or suicide)
    teacher: dead( framed suicide)

    though she resembles itachi it is not believed to have an connection with him, and her name was erased from their history she is believed to be dead after overuse of the sharingan

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    Re: Create your own jutsu or Naruto character

    Name: Domoto Koichii Uchiha

    Gender: Male

    Age: 14 (original) 19 (shippuuden in new story)

    Village: Unknown

    Personality: Domoto is a very silent and patient person, his mind is like a snakes mind calm and patient, he has a very aggresive aura around him and also has problems dealing with his anger making him almost evil.

    Skills: Sharingan does not weaken him for some strange reason and he is very good at controling it, excellent aiming, very silent and stealthy

    Young/Old Mentally: Old

    Favorite Food: Ramen

    Past: When domoto was young his mother was killed while fighting a bijuu with their town before his mother was killed thought she told him he had a twin brother. he does not know what village he is from however he thinks hes from the land of fire, he does not have a father, he survived by delivering things from town to town, he never had any friends because he never felt he needed things like bonds, he trained every day to avenge his mother , but instead ended up having something unexpected happen and now he travels village by village hated by most because of one of his dark secrets.(End)

    Rank: None (but power and skill level of a jounin)

    Sensei: None

    TeamMates: None

    Ninjutsu: 12/12
    Genjutsu: 5/12
    Taijutsu: 9/12

    Bloodline Limit: Sharingan

    Element: Lightning/Water/Air

    Clothing: Anbu Uniform, He Killed an anbu and stole his uniform except for that anbu's mask.

    Hair: Sharp Silky Black Hair

    Clan: He really is a uchiha, but he doesnt know it.

    Eyes: Blood Red

    Techniques: Sharingan, Chidori, Water Tomb, Rasengan, Shadow Clones, And other powerful techniques not listed.

    Special Attack Combo: Rasengan in one hand, Chidori in other for a devastating force.

    TimeFrame: Sasuke And Naruto's Time

    Additional Information: Domoto has very strange eye's that can let him have sharingan for hours if not daily without even endangering him no one knows why this is. And Domoto Also Wishes To become Anbu Leader Of a village one day
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    Re: Create your own jutsu or Naruto character

    wow. This is really easy!

    I love these kind of threads! ^^

    Rin Haruka
    Gender: female
    Village:Hidden Leaf

    Appearance: She's wears more like goth clothing, has black hair, wears a lot of bracelets, and she a vampire. she's 5'7". She's part of the ANBU black ops.

    Powers: She uses her vampire powers that got passed down from her clan. Her last resort is she can summon a huge bat. Mostly, She uses a sword that kills sum 1 or makes them freeze.

    nin- 5/12

    tai- 9/12


    Weapons: She uses her sword which has unique abilities 2 freeze sum one where they stand and goes in 2 a illusion. It makes them have really bad nightmares and all of the sudden there dead or just makes them pass out. She also uses kunai's that has paper bombs and uses sebon (needles)

    History: She was born on Halloween. When she reached 7 her father dies because, of a murder by the sound village. Her father was the leader of the ANBU black ops. The sound village thought it was a shame they put a fool in charge. One night, Rin's father was getting home and he went though a illusion. All of the sudden, her father walked in 2 a genjutsu and he got stabbed by a stranger. But, the stranger was the leader of the sound village.
    And so, when Rin was 13. She joined the ANBU black ops to avenged her Fathers death by the sound village's leader. And when she was 9, she got cursed by a stranger nicked named Samurai which gave her vampire powers she never got a chance 2 every see him ever again. She's wanted 2 know his name but, it was 2 late and he left in 2 the darkness. And, that was the last time she ever saw Samurai.

    Her Life: Rin has a lot of friends. She's a kind, forgiving person. Always ready 4 any mission. sum times she gets lonely. Mostly she usually late 4 her missions. Every one at the ANBU black ops wanted Rin 2 join so she can avenged her Father's death.
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