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Thread: Create your own jutsu or Naruto character

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    Re: Create your own jutsu or Naruto character

    Name: Kuriosa Mazaringai
    Age: 23 (forever) (body of a dead 23 year old)
    Birth: Made in Hidden Leaf out of multiple dead bodies and multiple souls.
    Village of Birth:Hidden Leaf
    Villages he owns:Dragon village;death village; shadow village; village of darkness;demon village
    Personality:Sosiopath; calm and lifeless
    Special Eyes:Dragon eyes;eagle eyes;demon eyes;angel eyes
    forms:full demon; half demon; full angel; half angel; half angel half demon; chaos
    jinchurichi state: Five Tailed Blood Moon Wolf
    Chakra forms:chaos;sin;holy
    Rank:Fuedal Lord; Dracokage;sherokage;derokage;masokage;kenjinkage
    Attribute Strengths:Speed;Defense;Attack;throwing
    Specialty Weapons:Swords;paper bombs; puppets; scythes
    Specialty style:Apocalypse Style;summoning
    Eye Color: Midnight blue
    Hair style: black, spikey shaggy
    Past:Unkwon, let village at creation
    Team:However he gets to train under him and the Akatsuki
    Skin Tone:Pale
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    Re: Create your own jutsu or Naruto character

    I'll repost mine here, since it qualifies.

    Name: Kata Torimishu

    Gender: Female

    Age: 16 (Shippuuden)

    Appearance: 6', Long brown hair tied up in a pony tail. Her eyes are a deep, liquid brown. A little bit on the scrawny side, but not lacking in the chest (yes, bigger than Ino's). Wears a brown/green dress (like Sakura's) and has a whip-dagger (a whip with a blade on the end) at her side. She is rather attractive.

    Personality: Kata is headstrong and single-minded with a positive outlook on life. Sometimes (especially when around Naruto) she tends to be a little ecchi.

    Likes: Naruto, cuddling (forcefully) with Naruto, roses, things that smell "good", whips.

    Dislikes: Hinata interfering with her schemes, Sakura for stealing Naruto, Sasuke (he called her "disagreeable"), dead things, things that smell "bad", dirty things.

    Sensei: Mother

    Chakra: Orange-red

    Chakra specialty: Fire

    Original Village: Village Hidden in the Vines

    Current Village: Village Hidden in the Leaves

    Weapon: Whip-dagger and whip.

    Fighting style: She uses her whip for all of her attacks, infusing it with her chakra, making it faster, stronger, and more accurate. She can make the whip extend to lengths much farther than it should be, surprising her enemy. Often, Kata shrouds her whips in flames, discouraging the enemy from grabbing her whips. She can also control many things that are whip-like in nature(i.e. rope, thin strips of cloth, etc...). Her ultimate jutsu consists of summoning hundreds of whip-daggers from the ground and latching onto a target, countering substitution jutsu, tearing them apart and riping them limb from limb. It takes a while to activate, leaving the summoner open to attack. Due to the fact that she uses mainly the whip-dagger, her taijutsu is rather weak, but she is strongest in defense.
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    Re: Create your own jutsu or Naruto character

    (remember all the jutsu that seems incredibly strong either take up massive amounts of chakra or has a catch)


    hes out going and upfront with people.hes pretty laid back and he knows how to have fun...but also knows when to be serious.
    name-Rora Kaia
    hair-jet black

    the Rora clan-village hidden in the clouds...the former village to this clan till they were banished for there attempt to take over the village.years later and now the clan is on the right track in there new home of konoha.yet now infamous in the village for there deeds to there last village.hated by almost everyone,the clan fights for respect of there fellow shinobi.this clan has mastered the art of lightning manipulation and creation.even though they have lightning,there known for there amazing lightning fast speed and never ending adrenalin.lightning attacks cant hurt them.

    the past-when i was young,my powers were week and undeveloped.always picked last,always was last.and on top of that i was part of the hated Rora clan.i trained and worked my fingers to the bone till i had nothing power increased till it became an obsession.power is all i wanted.after graduation,i was sent on a C-ranked mission but was quickly turned into an S-ranked ranked mission when orochimaru showed up and attacked our squad.we defended but we stood no chance team was eliminated while i was captured and taken to the lair of orochimaru.when i awoke i felt a darkness inside of neck burned like crazy.i didnt know at the time but i had the curse mark.i found a kid named kuuntsai and him and i escaped from orochimarus lair and ran as fast as we could till i made it back to the hidden leaf village.what i later found out was that its been 3 years since i had returned.i learned that my clan was wiped out from the raid on the chunin exams.i was later promoted to one knows about my past...except for kuuntsai...if he can keep his mouth shut i probably wont have to kill him.this is my chance for a clean slate...and nobody is going to get in my way.

    the rora clan members are unusually wise.even the children are born knowing how life is and how it works.thats because the clan is born with there ancestors wisdom and knowledge.

    its easy to tell if someone is of the rora clan because they have strange marks like ancient designs all over there body that can only be seen with the light of lightning.they also put black diamond shaped marks bellow theres eyes on there cheek bone.(like axel on kingdom hearts)

    chakra characteristic-lightning

    _________all basic jutsu-clones,replacement,etc...___________
    duel lightning blades-ninjutsu
    creates a swarm of lightning around your hands for destruction
    lightning style,electricution jutsu-ninjutsu
    attacks and defends like gaaras sand but from the sky and stronger(need a storm or else requires quite a bit of chakra)
    ninja art shockwave-genjutsu
    stunning the enemy for 7 seconds
    ninja art speed of light-taijutsu
    do i realy have to tell you?
    lightning roar-ninjutsu
    creates a massive amount of lightning from the mouth and ejects it at speeds off the charts.this move releases the enemies chakra.
    rage form-
    the curse mark-
    orochimarus un-perfected curse mark that amplifies my power,speed,etc.10x more than also gives me other uknown power.(i can only use this form for limited time-say 15 minuets before i die from exhaustion...yah brutal)
    -forbidden jutsu-
    strait from the ancient teachings of the rora clan of the the village hidden in the clouds!...unexpected touch of death!-
    send trillions of volts through the object he touches(last resort)

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    Re: Create your own jutsu or Naruto character

    Name: Sachi Kumara
    Age: 14 (original) 18 (in Shippuuden)
    Village: Ongaku No Kuroi Suna
    Personality: Loud, quick tempered, likes fighting.
    Skills: She uses strategies, she can play the guitar, she can sing and is good at cooking.
    Food: Ramen
    Past: At the age of 10 Sachi's parents were killed, so she was left with her two younger sisters. She swore revenge and from that time, she is searching for her parnents' mourders. In the ages she learnt cook very well becouse of her sisters. Her sensei gave her trust, hope and power to continue on. After her sensei's death, who was killed by the men who killed the girl's parents too, Sachi didn't give up, and made another swearing to herself. She must find those people and kill them....

    Rank: Jounin
    Sensei: Hitomi Okami
    Ninjutsu: 3/5
    Genjutsu: 5/5
    Taijutsu: 5/5
    Bloodline Limit: Able to talk with other Kumaras in the way of thoughts.
    Element: Fire
    Clothing Style: A black, 3/4 sleeved shirt, on the back there is the mark of the Kumaras, a blue thight pants with a lot of pockets to fill them with weapons and a pair of fingerless blue gloves. On her back there is always a backpack, in case of she has to cook something, or she want to write a strategy or a song. She usually doesn't wear shoes, to feel a little more freedom.
    Skintone: White
    Eye: grey, and her pupils are red (just like the other Kumaras)

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    Re: Create your own jutsu or Naruto character

    I have my own page for my Naruto OC haha, if you want to see it click here. ^^

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    Re: Create your own jutsu or Naruto character

    name: xhinaku yuniha
    clan: yuniha clan
    hair color: spikey black
    eye color: hazel
    kekki genki: xinagan
    inherited techniques: wolf style taijutsu and yonasu(lightning/fire)
    elements:lightning and fire
    taijutsu: 11/11
    genjutsu: 9/11
    ninjutsu: 10/11
    team yunishu: xhinaku yuniha,noah mishu, and deraku makkis
    village: konoha
    background: xhinaku was born into one of the most talanted animal style taijutsu users known as the yuniha clan. when he was 4 he already showed promise as one of the best taijutsus fighters in the clan so they sent him to the academy where he met his future team mates they instintly liked each other and promised each other they would be a team. after they graduated they went on there first mission. it was a success but they got attacked when camping out and noah died from the attack both deraku and xhinaku were devastated that they never talked about it again now they are jounin and everything is great.
    rank: jounin
    apperance: he has a blue and brown jacket nazy blue pants and naruto style shoes with brown open finger gloves and two katanas from his father
    family: xhiraka yuniha(alive)father and fenara yuniha(deceased)mother

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    Re: Create your own jutsu or Naruto character

    finally something creative.

    weapons-dual katana blades(one black,one white)hidden under coat

    character-Zero Mitaki(my sn)age 18,wears black trench coat and is very secretive.comes from the sand village.long,brown hair that covers one eye.usually has a hood up.very tall.usually calm and keeps to himself but is very blood-thirsty during battle.fights only when needed.very talented with his twin blades.been asked to join anbu but refused.roams from town to town looking for missions to do for money to get by.has been looking for a "special someone" when seperated.

    new jutsu-can multiply his blades and make them float by inserting his chakra into them.can make a max of 100 swords.however,the more he uses,the more chakra it uses so he only uses it when necessary.can make up several diffent attacks depending on the amount of blades.

    ultimate jutsu-Bladed Serpant(100 blades go in a snake-like motion as if it were alive and fly torwards the enemy.can disperse for multiple angled attacks or for multiple enemies.uses A LOT of chakra due to its large size and number of blades.shines with immense dark and light colors because of the blade colors)

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    Re: Create your own jutsu or Naruto character

    xino kuuntsai is from the land of darkness from the village hidden in the shadows. he's the son of the dekage (the shadow villages hokage). his father wanted him to take over his place as the dekage, but xino wanted nothing to do with it. his dad finally gave up and banished xino from the village when he was 10. he wandered around perfecting his jutsu for 3 years until he was captured by orochimaru.'. there he met rora kunarii. orochimaru gave them both unperfected curse marks but chose xino as his next vessel. after 3 years xino and rora were able to escape to the hidden leaf village, rora's home town. xino joined the leaf village and teamed up with rora to be the first 2-man squad ever. his village can control darkness like gaara controls his sand. xino has all the elements but hasn't learned how to use them because in the shadow village everyone has all the elements but they dont teach them until they are over 50 years old so there are no rebellions. this rule aplies to all except for those of royal blood line(unlike the leaf village, the shadow village has a family that takes over the position of dekage) when your part of the blood line they teach to use all elements at the age of 15.

    -xino's description-
    he has black hair that comes across his face. he wheres the shadow villages vest which is white with a black rose design on it. his pants are white with 1 black stripe on the front and 1 on the back on each pant leg.on his skin he has black lines that reveal where his chakra points are.his chakra is a black purple color

    -glass jutsu; by combining water and earth 2 make sand and then burning it with fire 2 make glass(this is xino kunsai's blood line chakra manipulation)
    -glass gauntlet
    -raining glass
    -glass kekkie genkai
    -puppet master jutsu
    -shadow ribbons; darkness that is attached to xino's fingers that he uses to whip or tie up his opponent.

    -forbiden jutsu-
    -the dark hand of death;this jutsu causes the lines on his body to connect and make his whole hand black.then he lunges at his opponent and puts his hand on their face which sucks all the life out of them causing them to dissintergreat.

    -summoning jutsu ninja cat summoning-
    -saber tooth tiger; has great agillity and is offten used for exscaping unbeatable foes
    -feline of despaire; holds thousands of souls that it has killed who reach out of its body 2 bring others into eternal suffering. used for taking down strong enemies but leaves the summoner exhausted.

    -shadow traveling; xino can travel through his or any shadow and come out of his opponents shadow.
    -dark cover;when he needs to be unseen he can make the black flower on his jacket and the lines on his pants to cover all of his clothes.
    -shiokuro;the shadow village has a secret remedy that cures almost any illness but only a few are told how to use it.he takes the shiokuro flower which is only found in the shadow village. the flower has a white stem with black thorns and petals.xino sucks the darkness from the plant and then grinds the stem into dust. then makes a hand sign which causes the dust to seep into whoever xino is healing.

    -shiokuro flower
    -scrolls;xino has two small puppet scrolls one on each leg.and one big scroll on his back.the two small scrolls on his legs each contain a puppet.reaper and clown,the twins of death.the one on xinos back contains the shadow ferret. a giant monster that has unimaginable speed and chackra claws.

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