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Thread: Create your own jutsu or Naruto character

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    Re: Create your own jutsu or Naruto character

    Name:Akaryu Valefor
    Personality:goofy and psychopathic
    Village:Leaf Village(betrayed)
    Jutsu Style:Earth, Fire
    Weapons:Valefor Zweiheinder (family heirloom)
    Relatives:Toshibu Valefor(father,deceased), mother unknown
    Teamates:Madara Uchiha, Zak Illnite (deceased)
    Origin:Raised by father and never met his mother. Akaryu trained under Minato Namikaze
    and learned the ability to warp he doesnt use it though because he feels its no fun if someone dies fast. He likes to kill people slowly and painfully. He joined the akatsuki to heighten his abilities more. He is a master of fire and earth jutsu having learned all of both and even creating some of his own. At the age of 5 his father trained him in the ways of fire style. After his fathers death Akaryu became psychopathic and favored fire style same as his father.

    Fear is a state of mind
    to me fear does not exist

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    Re: Create your own jutsu or Naruto character

    I'm sorry this so long. I tried to keep it short.

    Kageryu is one of seven siblings born to represent the elements of Fire, Water, Earth, Wind, Lightning, Light and Darkness. His father was known as the Dragon Shinobi and due to this Kageryu and his siblings are named for their elements and their heritage. His brother for example is named Horyu for his attribute of Fire, ho for fire and ryu for dragon. His family had the duty of keeping the balance between all the elements, but when his twin brother, Akariryu, was killed “accidently” by his father to keep the balance within the family’s control forever, he abandoned his duty and left his family to wander the world. Due to this, no one has been born with either elemental attribute for thousands of years. Along his travels he found out the truth of his brother’s murder and the reasons behind it, causing him to decide to avenge Akariryu’s death by destroying his father and releasing the balance to those who he thinks should be the true guardians of that balance, the Kages of the Five Great Nations. As the Guardian of the Darkness Chakra, his chakra can not be seen by anything, not even the Byakugan eyes. Horyu’s chakra would be seen as streams of molten flame. Among the gifts gained by Guardianship is his ability to live indefinitely if he isn’t killed by mortal means, and to control raw darkness in its purest forms (that includes shadows from his surroundings) to create weapons or even recreations of people. These people do not have wills or personalities of their own, though and must mimic or be directed by Kageryu. His favorite jutsu is to take his opponents to the Shadow Universe and let the shadow-demons devour them whole, though he rarely uses it unless he really hates someone. His greatest jutsu is the ability to encase his opponent in shadows, imprisoning them in utter darkness without anything to stimulate their senses ever again. They do not die of starvation or dehydration so they are cursed to the insanity of never-ending darkness. He dresses in a tight but stretchy black shirt with loose, wrist-length sleeves, black pants with matching bands wrapped around his shins and he carries an ivory amulet of a dragon’s head carved for him by Akariryu when they were very young. He currently searches the Five Great Nations for the one power that his father ever feared, known in ancient texts as the Great Wolf of the Moon, which in reality is a tenth Tailed Beast, more powerful than even the Nine-Tails. With this power he hopes to avenge Akariryu’s death, but his way is impeded by the forces of his other siblings who still serve the balance and his father. They do not understand why he would betray them this way, but they still will not hesitate to prevent him from ruining their lives further. They do not see that he is really trying to free them all from their father’s evil influence. He doesn’t want to kill them but will if it means avenging his brother.

    Message me if you like this character and would like to know more of him and his family.
    The others aren't as long since most of their history is pretty much the same.

    P.S. He sounds evil, but he's more of an anti-hero.

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    Re: Create your own jutsu or Naruto character

    name:Zeroshi Dai-nichi

    age: 20

    personality type: loner but has the heart of a true warrior yet unlcked but is seen buy those of great power as the hokages a grand asset to the village

    back storie: born of the grand zeroshi clan a clan who is marked and born with a third eye on there forehead for a unknown reason dai-nichi was born to the head branch of the family there clan specializes in chakra manipulation but also have a born "Kekkei Genkai" once the third eye on there head opens: condition:" once they have reached a certain level of experience and age it opens"they gain the ability to control time flow and randomize jutsu of any kind and sort out its like neji and itachi he was born the genius of his clan because from the day he was born his eye was already open and the elders of the clan saw this as a sign of the boy grand unlocked potential so he was enrolled in the academy along beside that of uchiha itachi they were friend but dai-nichi was always some step's behind itachi but kept up and even graduated with him and every thing but didn't join the ambu instead became a jonin instead and before they went there separate ways they battled all out and he surpassed itachi he made his sharingan look like a fool and he tried to activated his mangekyo but dai-nichi time control stopped that so they called it a well match and separated before itachi's dark dead of destroying his clan

    chakra color: green

    taijutsu: its was one he created buy him self with the training he did when mastering his third eye called uritosombai (ur-e-to-some-bai) its a form of heavenly fist and mantis style combined with extreme taijutsu the basis of learning this you must first learn how to counter balance your chakra control be able to push it out your body at the right moment of collision with your opponent then start to gradually increase till you moves are like mirror images that seem to be repeating them selves but its just that he moving so fast it looks that way buy you do feel the punches or kicks of the mirror images to

    Jutsu: eclipse of crescent darkness: activates eye and forces the you in to a genjutsu where as though your in eternal darkness and out of no where you get bum barded with crescent shaped kunai that are laced with chakra so he can control then and when he finishes them he combines them and hits you and the end

    kabalahs rain: summons a giant statue that falls from heaven the pummels you with 8 arms each with a different type of weapon

    time warp blast: uses his time abilities to force a centuries time blast through your body to make it feel as though you've been attack and felt the horrible pain for years in cases of week wills and stamina can cause fatal deaths

    gaze of the phoenix: uses the hand sign of fire combined with his eye he can place his eyes gaze on
    and then instantly the enemies burst into flames and is burned beyond recognition

    Green fire tsunami: uses his chakra manipulation ability then he charges the chakra in his hands till they resemble flames then lunges them into the ground which then erupts into one massive fire tsunami which he can will an control size and movement

    Blood puppet: his eyes most lethal move his eye gazes upon you then he combine that with the chaka manipulation then he controlls your body he can clot make it thin thick or cut it all off you become his no willed puppet then..part two or the other version is he makes his blood into clones that cannot be destroyed he must die first or stop it on hiz own

    Savage awakening: starts of buy opening his third eye placing his chakra to the max and then opening 3 of the chakra gates then slows time down but as he does the enemy is still in regular time thinking he has vanished then starts to feel the effects of the attack i lung him in the air and while up i begin hitting all his major organs and vitals to cause major damage then before he touches the ground i use my chakra manipulation to take his chakra and blast it back through his whole network which send him back to the air paralyzed and stunned but i use my chakra to then mangle and shred away at his network and shut his body down and as he drops my third i open i use the deadly (tomeshuga jutsu) of my clan that send a force blast beam out of my third i which then kills my enemy and pierces his heart and showers the land with his blood..

    genjutsu: phoenix rebirth: i appear to have been attacked and sufferring from a major wound or however i had hit but as they think that they have triumphed my body slowly burn then turns into ash then i reemerge from behind them and inflict a fatal blow

    brain erosion: chip away at the persons mind and causes them to go utterly insane no release from this only if i will it it bring your deepest darkest fears to life and can cause permanant koma depend on length of time spent in the jutsu(last resort)

    lotus death hold: in order to use must first make victim bleed then place in jutsu summon blood clone then as they drift into the jutsu they're slowly showered in lotus petals but they soon realize they are being choked but its the clone hidden as though he has taken the form of the lotus pedals strangle the victim

    and has now became a special jonin

    hot feets for dat azz

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    Re: Create your own jutsu or Naruto character

    Quote Originally Posted by SakinaFlutePlayer View Post
    I don't know if this exactly fits here or not but I don't know the rules as much as some since this IS my first day with this account.
    -Come one, come all to the "Create Your Own Justsu or Naruto character" thread. Here you can post your creations. There's no real purpose to this thread other than to collect creativity from the fans of the Naruto series. There are however a few small rules(sorry, but I just think I should put up at least 4 rules, that are very easy to follow?):

    1) ORIGINALITY, ORIGINALITY, ORIGINALITY, I cannot stress that enough.

    2) The justsu or character cannot be proclaimed as "flawless" or "beats everything" once put into picture.

    3) Have fun (I know it's cheesy but I needed a 3rd non-consequential rule).

    4) *NEW RULE* Aside from characters and jutsu, should a person desire itso, they are allowed to create weapons and other accessories for the character they create. Of course, all the rules that apply to the jutsus and characters also apply to the weapons as well.
    -I guess I'll post my own creations first:
    Name: Sakina Kani Shi'in

    Gender: Female

    Age: 16 (original) 20 (shippuuden in new story)

    village: Tasogaregakure

    personality: Sakina is a very quiet girl that is pretty open minded about things and kind of has an evil mind.

    Skills: Making strategies, She plays the flute, she can sing, and is good at gymnastics.

    Young/Old mentally: Old

    Food: Rice
    Past: When Sakina was five her parents started treating her like a slave. She would be forced to cook, clean, and do almost everything for her family. In her free time she would mostly be found near almost any thing were water would be such as a creak, or river. At the age of 6 Sakina started to get into a few new things such as Drawing,
    and singing. Her parents did not care about the drawings and always either ripped them up, and threw it in the fire place. At the age of 8 Sakina was sent to the village to get some medicine. When Sakina went back to her dreadful home and saw that her parents and sister had abandoned her. So Sakina ran from the house and adventured through the forest that they lived in, and when she was about 10-20 miles away she decided to live in the forest. She slept and lived in a small cave in the forest. Since Sakina was alone she would talk to the less dangerous animals that lived around her(She never went crazy and
    threatened to kill any of them since they didn’t talk back like kimimaru did to a flower.)At the age of ten Sakina started trying to use taijutsu so she could try and be thought as a ninja. Sakina made a few jutsu's and surpassed some of the older and trained ninja. When Sakina was 13 she met with a young girl around age 9 named Kotone.
    Sakina decided to take in kotone as a student. Kotone started getting stronger and stronger quickly until Sakina decided Kotone would be her Teammate. Then, one night a powerful
    ninja attacked the two while they were practicing, and Kotone was killed in the process while Sakina lived. The time Kotone died Sakina started closing up to the rest of the world, and never trusted anyone she met paths with. ::time skip:: After a long journey when she was 16 she returned to her first home were her family lived called, Tasogaregakure, at the age of 19. were she joined back up with her clan, Kani, and one year later was named as a Jounin ninja. But she had the choice to deside by herself who she chooses for a student.::End here::

    Rank: Jounin

    Sensei: Herself

    Teammates: Kotone (Deceased)

    Student: Kotone (Deceased), Hakuryu Hiwarity (living)

    Ninjutsu: 5/5
    Genjutsu: 4/5
    Taijustu: 4/5

    Bloodline Limit: She is able to talk to other Kani girls using, Kononita.

    Element: Water/ fire

    Clothing style (new!): A black tank top with a white bra covering up her chest, and sky blue shorts that have at least three pockets with few rips at the ends. She wears red and purple gloves that are fingerless. She still wears the same old shoes though, "The naruto shoes". Sakina also still wears two beads on each side of her hair, but know they changed from Orange to a Crimson color.

    Skin tone: Tan/ white

    Eye: Grey eyes that have yellow around the pupil.(I got this idea from one of my classmates eyes...)

    Hair: She has shiny long, loose, black hair that has a bead on one lock of hair on each side of her face.
    Name: Hakuryu Hiwarity
    Gender: Male
    Age: 11-12(Original naruto), 14-15 (Shippuuden)
    Village: Tasogaregakure
    Clan: Shadow Master ::Kage Danna::
    Personality: Hakuryu has a curious nature. He is very quiet, and can
    be somewhat cold-hearted to others.
    Skills: Hakuryu can go unnoticed tin or out of places, he his a fast
    runner, and is good at getting past though tight spaces.
    Young/old mentally: Old
    Food: Rice balls
    Family: unknown

    rank: Genin
    Sensei: Sakina Kani Shi'in (living)
    student: None
    Teammates: None so far
    Taijutsu: 3/5
    Genjutsu: 2/5
    Ninjutsu: 5/5
    Element: Shadow
    Weapons: Shadows... earth....

    Hair: Blown/red mixed. One side of bangs on the right side is cut off
    while one side is of his bangs still lives.
    Eyes: Grey blue
    Skin tone: White
    clothing: He wears a worn out shirt that has hints of the shirt being
    light blue. Hakuryu's pants are slightly new and are a shade of Crimson. He
    wears black very worn out shoes.
    It's actually not that long if you think about it...
    Dat's cool i created alot of characters but they aint 4rm or for naruto but i create or wrote a story like that with ninjas and stuff but it takes place in my own village dat i created!!!

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    Re: Create your own jutsu or Naruto character

    Backround:troubled,outlaw,hunts tobi,can match Kakasi's power

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    Re: Create your own jutsu or Naruto character

    I might take this to far ^_^

    Name:Ishi Tigaru
    Age:17(original)(In past he was frozen so he is really 109)21(Shipuden)(113)
    Village:Unknown..They were destroyed 97 years ago
    Personality:Quite,Determined, and ready to kill
    Skills:His amazing strength, almost but not immortal
    Food:What ever he finds

    Past:At age 16 1/2 Ishi discovered a shimmering piece of ice with a strange glare in it. It possessed an ice demon capable of destroying hundreds of villages. The demon,Icarunoki, then murged with Ishi granting him great power. Soon Ishi's brother,Nifiti(age 11), found the demons opposite trapped in a charcoal.The same happened. Although their village had ice jutsu, Nifiti had fire. At a point Ishi descended into madness and started killing all in his village. Soon Nifiti was the only left...The demons took them and they had a fight which raged. Soon Ishi(or Icarunoki) blast both miles back, but freezing both Ishi and Nifiti.Nifiti woke 86 years later while it took Ishi 92...Ishi awoke from his madness also.He hunts his brother now, determined to kill him....
    __________________________________________________ _______________
    Family:All deceased but younger brother, Nifiti
    Sensai: Icarunoki
    Team: Ishi typically works alone....
    Bloodlineoesnt need hand symbols and reduced chakra usage rate(reduce by 2/3)
    Clothing: Ishi wears a long sleeved black shirt that covers all his arm and hands, this shirt goes down half way till his knee on the leg.His pants are short gray ones revealing the many bandages worn around his legs and the fact that he wears no shoes(has to do with jutsu). His gloves are simply bandages worn around his hands. On his waist dangles small leather pouches that hold water(Needed to cast jutsu's). Often he will wear a half cracked mask showing one eye.The other side is blood stained and has a large smile painted where Ishi's mouth is.
    Skin tone:Caucasion,Very pale though.
    Skin marks: Several small holes can be seen on the non-bandaged parts of his arms and legs(has to do with jutsu)
    Hair: Long hair,about down to the shoulder and half way out to the shoulder.It is white/gray and shimmers a dark blue at moments
    Weapons:Any liquid,or anything that holds liquid. In his shirt he holds many hidden daggers(8).These are not needed always for he can make some with ice.
    1: Water from blood(thats what the holes are for) is seperated and flows out onto the skin of Ishi. The water then hardens forming thick unmeltable ice all over Ishis body,I meen everywhere. He has an increased defense and hits harder, but he moves much slower, he is working on moving faster in this form.This is called the Koori Sukin-Jutsu.Chakra:54%(18% for Ishi)
    2:When on water,even a puddle, Ishi can turn himself and his clothing into water. This allows him to melt down. He is then in a strange world where he can come out of any water in a 20 yard radious. He is working on making it to where he can go further. This is what he calls the Merutu Jiga-Jutsu.Chakra:27%(9% for Ishi)
    3. Ishi summons small ammount of water out of his leather pouches. He then uses these to harden and shoots them at the enemy.He controls the direction of them.Each ice dagger use 9% of chakra to make(3%).This is the Koori Hishu-Jutsu.
    4.Ishi draws water from himself and from around him. It builds up around his body until he is 22ft in the air. THe water soon takes the shape of a dragon in standing position. A small opening in the center of the the chest(inside the chest) is where Ishi is. Ishis forarms and shins are stuck in the ice but his forearms can move.The dragon can only move his head and arms. Water is blasted from the mouthand palms. The tail moves on its own accord(swiping enemys or draining more water).This jutsu uses up 90% chakra!(30% for Ishi). This is the Koori Doragon-Jutsu.
    5.Ishi calls forth some water and it goes over his wound or engulfs his body. The water will glimmer then fully heal Ishi of all wounds.This is the Mizu Chiyu-Jutsu. This uses 30% chakra.(10%)
    6.This is Ishi's second most powerful jutsu. The blood of all those even allies in 30yds is taken control of by Ishi. The blood will boil and expand...Soon the enemy or ally as it might be, will explode. The main downfall to this jutsu is the fact that allies or animals die too. The only in 30 yds that doesnt die is Ishi.This is the Chishio Fukidemono-Jutsu. This uses 240% of chakra(80% for Ishi,only he can use)
    7.This is Ishi's signature jutsu. Ishi draws water from the air and life around him,including himself. He then makes a giant ice dome above him and his oppenent. The ice is impentitrible so no one gets in, or out. Then ice daggers sprout from all of the dome and shoot out sides as a cacoon of ice engulfs Ishi. There is no possible way for the enemy to survive. Only Ishi is unconscience after this.Chakra:300%.This is the Retsu Bokusatsu-Jutsu. No one has ever surivived it,unless they are demon(Nifiti)

    Demon Power:...When he goes full demon he turns into water but keeps his shape. He then distorts himself and grows to about 62 ft. His fingers merge together,his mask become his face(this grows too for its is the mask of Icarunoki),his feet become studs, he is 100% water,besides mask which cured and returned to normal. He is now the normal/water form of Icarunoki.

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    Re: Create your own jutsu or Naruto character

    Name: Zangetsu Sugo

    Clan: Last remaining member of the Sugo clan

    Village: No permanent village, but was born in the Village hidden in the Mist

    Age: 26


    Sensei: Shinsō Hyōri/deceased

    Teammates: All died in training along with their sensei

    Student: none

    Ninjutsu: 5/5
    Genjutsu: 3/5
    Taijutsu: 5/5

    Element: Lightning/fire Gains the element when he absorbs the ninja

    Bloodline Trait (Kekkei Genkei): None
    Bloodline Trait Details: None

    Personallity: Varies from Kind to Indifferent to Bloodthirsty

    Skills: Intelligent, quick, and powerful

    Young/Old mentally: In-between

    Allys: His three henchmen

    Enemys: Anyone who tries to stop him

    History: Zangetsu was born with the label The Dragon of Darkness, Along with his brother and four others who posses acceptional skill as shinobi and were born in the Chinese year of the dragon. He was given the name Zangetsu because he has a crescent like mark on his forehead that resembles the moon. At the age of 15 he learned that he could gain more power by absorbing the other Dragon shinobi. In learning this he absorbed his twin brother (The Dragon of light), and gained an immense amount of power. When his clan and village learned about his treachery he was cast out of the village and his own clan. Not caring about losing his home, friends and family he trained himself to let go of all emotions and to become a better ninja. At age 19 he joined a religion that worshipped Jashin, and began killing innocent people for his own pleasure. When he turned 23 he left the cult and began looking for the Dragon of Fire. He fought a long and difficult battle against the shinobi but eventually absorbed him and became even more powerful. He then learned that when he absorbed the fire shinobi he was able to use fire ninjutsu. He then began to set out looking for the 3 remaining dragons. He believes that if he can absorb all of the dragon shinobi that he will become a dragon that is more powerful then kyuubi (though he is sadly mistaken). currently he is looking for more power and the 3 dragon shinobi and become more and more sinister.

    Fire style: Fire ball jutsu
    Dragon Fire justu
    Phoenix flower jutsu
    Rapid fire jutsu
    Black Fire jutsu: similar to Amaterasu, but not as powerful
    Flame fist jutsu
    Lighting style: 10 stages of lighting
    Stage 1: Chidori
    Stage 2: Odama Chidori
    Stage 3: Chidori Stream
    Stage 4: Chidori sword
    Stage 5: Thunderclap
    Stage 6: Ridori
    Stage 7: Ridori Bullet
    Stage 8: Lighting Storm
    Stage 9: Body of Lighting
    Stage 10: Heart of Lighting
    Lighting bolt jutsu
    Shockwave blast jutsu
    Misc: Dragons eye: Can see chakra and copy jutsu
    Shadow spear jutsu
    Darkness Fear Jutsu
    Summoning Jutsu: Black dragon

    Demon (Not required): None but he believes he is a deity
    Demon Powers:none

    Clothes: Anbu gear (most likely gained from one of his victims) under a black hooded robe, no shoes. his left arm is completely bandaged. Carries a large sword on his back, but he never uses it

    Eyes: When normal Black and white, when using dragon eyes they are dragon eyes

    Hair: Long, straight. once half black one half white (gained from absorbing his brother)

    Other features: Zangetsu's left arm resembles a red dragons arm (He gained from absorbing the Dragon of fire.)

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    Re: Create your own jutsu or Naruto character

    Okay, this is a character I’ve been working on for almost a year and a half now. I've even gone so far as to make a story that goes through his entire life (not every little detail, just the major events and it takes place thirty years into Naruto's future from Shippuden). I'll leave the site up at the end of the post if you fin my character interesting and wish to read his full story. This character is completely for the last name

    Name: Ichinaru Uzumaki
    Nickname(s): Ichi, Baka, Ichi-baka
    Age: 19
    Sex: Male
    Height: 6'1ft
    Weight: 189lb (muscle people)
    Hair Color: Silver (originally brunette, don't ask me why it wasn't one of his parent's hair colors)
    Hair Style: Ponytail or let down
    Ethnic Background: Caucasian
    Build: Athletic
    Rank: Jonin
    Style of Clothing: Jonin Uniform (blue undershirt w/green vest, black pants)
    Weapon Use: All ninja weaponry, summoned personal weapon (katana titled Zangetsu; no all you bleach fans, it is not the actual Zangetsu, I just like what Zangetsu means)
    Kekki Genkai: Does not need to perform hand seals to use ninjutsu/genjutsu, Eien no me (courtesy of the Sage of Six Paths)
    Village of Origin: Konoha
    Squad #: 0
    Squad Members: Ichinaru (Leader), Alzid (SIC), Ryomo (Leader on occasion), Inuzu (Womanizer....)
    Sensei(s): Naruto Uzumaki, Sasuke Uchiha, Nuroshi Amaya (another original character)
    Archenemy(ies): Orochimaru (yes he returns) and the main antagonist (TBA; haven't thought of a name yet )
    Martial Status: Married (in his late twenties of course not at 19)
    Spouse: Alzid
    Children: Unborn Daughter (later in the series)
    Rival: Ryomo (Mainly over who would date Alzid in their early years)
    Summoned Companion(s): Gamakichi (took over his father's position by now)
    Hobbies: Training, relaxing
    Background: Born to Naruto and Hinata Uzumaki. Lead a normal life style until an event at the academy that unlocked his dormant dojutsu (Eien no Me) at age seven and met Alzid at age nine. The two were then specifically trained by Naruto Uzumaki, Sasuke Uchiha, and Nuroshi Amaya (mainly Nuroshi). The two go on numerous missions and eventually create a full four man cell with Ryomo and Inuzu.
    If you like this character and want to read the full story go to this link:OtakuFanFic » Anime fan fiction
    For more information on Eien no Me go to this link: Eien no Me - Home

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