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Thread: Create your own jutsu or Naruto character

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    Re: Create your own jutsu or Naruto character

    Name: Susanu age: 13 Hieght: 6 foot Rank: Chunin village: Konaoha/ hidden leaf village Teammates: Filako Hyuga (Byakugan user) ( sensie) , Rishin, Hy Akimichi. Abilities: Water style: water pellets jutsu, Water style: cage of ice jutsu, Water style: Torpedo, water style: Five hungry sharks, Rasengan: spiral chakra sphere!

    History: When Susanu was five his mother and father died in a s-ranked mission. This mission was kept top secret from Susanu and only his brother Pelemn knew what it was. Susanu lived with his brother from then on, his brother taught him all sorts of water type jutsu. Susanu was already a good ninja before he even went to the ninja acadamy. He went to the ninja acadamy when he was eight and graduated to Genin when he was ten. He was in team 5 and went on lots of d and c-ranked missions. (occasionaly he went on a b-ranked) Before Susanu competed in the chunin exams his brother taught him a super move called Rasengan! Susanu rose to chunin along with his teamates and used Rasengan in the final round of the exam! One year later he went travelling with his brother to learn new jutsu!

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    Re: Create your own jutsu or Naruto character

    name:zane kuri
    village:hidden cloud village
    rank:rouge ninja
    background:none(due to lost of memory)
    clothes:blackjersey,blackpants,noshoes,rope 4 gloves
    hair:spiky black hair
    weapons:staff of nightmears

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    Re: Create your own jutsu or Naruto character

    ill just give a jutsu for now. character will come when i have time.

    spike jutsu. the user makes spikes come out of his arms which he can use for atacking or shielding

    you never know what is inside you...till its to late...

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    Lightbulb Re: Create your own jutsu or Naruto character

    <<<<<------CLICK CLICK HERE HERE

    Name:Blaze ( Kimoune)
    Age:16 ( shipudden)
    Personality:Likes to be alone and is increibly stealthy ( legend says he can turn into a pure shadow)
    Skills:stealthy, fast and strong
    Young/Old Mentally:Young
    Looks: He has a Mark wich is th seal of his beast the Black Fire Dragon King,Kimoune.

    Past:When Blaze's family was killed by special ninjas when he was a boy he was taken by force by the special ninjas and trained to become a Super Ninja,Blaze vowed he would never let them get away without a fight so one night he used one of his special techinces called Shadow Form and sneaked out but he dint leave without a suprise he blew out the base and now his main mission is to destroy the remaining acursed camps.

    Weapons:Two Blades of fire that can shapeshigt into 2 knifes and into a bow when u want
    __________________________________________________ ___________________________________


    Bloodline:Ability to use both shadow and fire attacks
    __________________________________________________ _______________
    Clothing style:A Akutsi robe that he stole when he killed an Akutsi member,a black t-shirt with a black cargo pants

    skin Tone: Tan/White

    Eye Color:Red and black

    Hair:Spkiy red hair

    __________________________________________________ ______________


    Name:Shadow Form
    Element: Darkness
    Description:You turn into a shadow
    Effects:Speed 20% and Skill 30% increase

    __________________________________________________ ______________

    Name: Dark Flamez Armor
    Description:A big black flame armor apperas on this parts of your bodys hands,legs ,shoulders and chest.
    Effects:50%damage decreases and 20%power increased

    __________________________________________________ ______________

    Name:Fire Burst
    Description:5 chains go to each part of your body and then burns them >:>
    Efects:does 30% damage to ur enemy

    __________________________________________________ _______________

    Name:Black Fire Dragon Summon
    Description:Summons Black dragon fire
    Requirements:Ur health health below 30%

    __________________________________________________ _______________

    Name:Orb of Control
    Description:Makes a big orb appear and then you put inside a person's body

    __________________________________________________ _______________


    Name:Shadow Form

    Name:Kimoune Form
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    Re: Create your own jutsu or Naruto character

    Naruto because he is strong and dangerous when he get mad, and he is also smart the most powerful character for me !

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    Re: Create your own jutsu or Naruto character

    Why this topic was abandoned? I think more people should post here. :/
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    Re: Create your own jutsu or Naruto character

    name: Raiku Uzu Yuhi
    age: 16
    rank: Jounin
    village: Leaf
    about Raiku: Raiku was an orphan and thrown out on the streets because what he has in him,then kurenai found him and toke him under her wing and raised him like a son. he is known to be quiet around new people, but he can be very friendly, kind, caring, funny and smilly.

    hair: black
    skin: tanned
    eyes: deep thoughtful oceans
    markings: scars all over body from beatings from the villagers

    demon: 11 tailed tiger (miner demon)
    bloodline: copying any other bloodline in the world called shadow eye.
    demon power: can use any think dark or shadow.

    likes: sushi, ramen, demons, tigers, kurenai, friends and snow
    dislikes: people who judge others by the way they look, perverts,rude people, people who cant tell the diffrentes between a jailor and a prisoner and trators.

    friends: kurenai (adopted mother), ino, naruto, hinata, kiba, shino, sakura, shikamaru, choji, tsunade (veiws as a grand mother), shizune (veiws as a arnty) and kenko (tiger summon)

    summons: tigers, wolves and robins (kurenai's summon)

    clothes: standered jounin outfit (vest is grey and the shirt and bottom are black) with head band covering right eye (used my bloodline too long and it stayed there & and black) and black a cloak with white flames on the bottom of cloak (like 4th hokage but with no writing on the back)and a neckles that has 11 gems on but each has a element

    shadow orb (made it)
    shadow control (bloodline)
    summoning jutsu
    forbinden style: death summoning (only uses when tsunade says i can)
    rashgan (donno how to spell it)
    shadowing fire (made it)
    shadow eye style: dance of a thousand shadow stalkers (made it and uses with a sword)
    fire spin
    sun spin

    element: fire, shadow and darkness

    genjutsu: 10/10
    taijutsu: 09/10
    ninjutsu: 10/10

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    Re: Create your own jutsu or Naruto character

    Name: Tsukashi
    Gender: Male
    Age: Around 20(Original naruto), Around 23 (Shippuuden)
    Village: Originated in Konoha, no current village
    Clan: Unknown
    Personality: Tsu is a very quiet and isolated person prefers to work independently. However rough and intimidating he looks on the outside, on the inside he is a gentle and and caring person who has a powerful love of nature.
    Skills: Excels in speed and taijutsu and can be exceptional at ninjutsu. Tsu has the ability to communicate with nature including the trees and animals.
    Young/old mentally: Old
    Food: Ramen
    Family: Although for some reason he has a great resemblance to Kakashi, Tsu has natural sharingan in both eyes, it is said that Kakashi's father had accidently mated with an Uchiha women and was unaware of his second son's existance.

    rank: None
    Sensei: Kubato Shishiomi(deceased)
    student: Kenato Shishiomi
    Teammates: None so far
    Taijutsu: 10/10
    Genjutsu: 5/10
    Ninjutsu: 8/10
    Element: Primarily lightning, but also uses fire and water on occasion.
    Weapons: A katana and kunei

    Hair: Blonde and long like the 4th Hokages
    Eyes: Tealish color
    Skin tone: Somewhat tan same as Naruto
    clothing: Tsu wears an outfit similar to the one 6th hokage Naruto wears only his pants are black and his jacket is black with the flames at the bottom blue

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