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Thread: Did anyone Notice this...?

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    Re: Did anyone Notice this...?

    Quote Originally Posted by dj heavoir View Post
    I have a guess
    You guys know how the third forbid about saying anything about the nine tailed fox right
    I think he did the same for sasuke
    Lots of jounin know about what happened in the uchiha clan but Sasuke's own age group doesnt know it (at the beginning)
    Same goes for naruto (at the beginning)
    Yeah that might be it, but why would they hide it?
    Plus the kids, I would think, would still wonder why Sasuke didnt show up to school and all of a sudden goes all emo. XP
    But thats probably the most logical explination.
    "You think you know me...? You have no idea."

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    Re: Did anyone Notice this...?

    I think youre just missing something, I myself am a naruto marathon type of guy, so I continuously watch naruto from episode 1 to the latest of the episodes I have in my arsenal, and I believe they DO know. I believe one of the first episodes, maybe closer to the chunin examz, there are some students sitting behing Sasuke in class talking about the massacre, they say: "hey I heard he is the only survivor of the Uchiha clan" blah blah blah.
    Anyway, if Im not mistaken, I think they do know! Scorch

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