I know you have, in one way or another. You think that the anime/manga could go without somethings, and with others. There's one character you wish would love you back. I've made a character that bent the storyline a bit. You can tell us about that character/story tweak that you've made up here! Don't worry, you can godmode/marysue here. It's YOUR tweak!
Copy this for your character:



Name: Yano Keirii
Age: Same as Naruto
Rank: Same as Naruto
Village: Leaf
Tweak: Her older brother was great friends with Uchiha Itachi and she met Uchiha Sasuke through that relationship. They became fast friends when he defended her from bullys. They were almost inseperable. Her family had to leave the village (reason unknown) one year. She promised Sasuke that she'd be back and be in the same ninja squad as he would. A few years passed, and life was tranquil...until Orochimaru came to take test subjects. He wanted the unique Kekae Genkai that the Yano Clan posseses *spelling?*, the genkougan. It allowed the user to copy any move, even Kekae Genkai. But, his plan failed when the Yano Clan seal activated. The seal killed the possesor if they were indangering the eyes. Making it immpossible to take it. Fortunately for him, Keirii hadn't been sealed yet. When he went after her, her older brother came to save her, but died. Orochimaru went to take her, but was kicked in the face by Uchiha Itachi, who was leaving the village after the Massacre. He took her to a nearby village to be treated. She was raised there until she was 12, when she retuned to Konoha to keep her promise to Sasuke. She ended up being in Squad 7, as the fourth member. Since they had more members, Kakashi-sensei didn't participate in most missions. .:skip time:. When Sasuke was leaving Konoha, she was in the hospital due to an injury in a previous mission. She was told later of Sasuke's leave and went into depression. Itachi-san then appeared to her in secret and offered to take her in as an apprentice. She accepted. She trained with him for three years and was ordered to stay away (and was kept away by Kisame-san) when he had his final battle with Sasuke. When he died, she joined the Akatsuki in his place as Kisame's partner.

Have fun! Time to let your secret Naruto world out!