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Thread: The Funniest moment in one of the Naruto movies

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    The Funniest moment in one of the Naruto movies

    Kay! Hola to you all,first! So,What moment was funny to you while watching any Naruto movie? The first movie to me,was when Naruto stepped in dog waste..I was in a situation like that before...>O< It was horrible!! Sooooo,What about you?
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    Re: The Funniest moment in one of the Naruto movies

    The funniest moment in one of the Naruto movies would have to be the third movie for Naruto because it just so happens that Naruto was really mean to the kid and Sakura tied him up and teased him with beef.

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    Re: The Funniest moment in one of the Naruto movies

    Huh, I'd say it was in the first Shippuden movie.
    A) When Naruto armored himself up with pots and pans and fell over and couldn't get up.
    B) (I don't know why its so funny, but every time I think about it I just crack up) When the priestes was on Naruto's back when he was fighting off the stone soldiers--
    Naruto: None of my attacks are working!
    Priestes: They're all made of stone!
    Naruto: What?! They're stoned!?
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