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Thread: Itachi's lover??

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    Itachi's lover??

    hey, i am a proud narutard and my friendz come to me bcoz i know heaps about the characters, my friend racheal asked me who itachi's lover was and i didn know so i looked it up and people kept telling me it was shisui, but kishimoto did'nt give us any idea about itachi being gay so i investigated, wouldnt it be the girl on his anbu team??? does anybody know her name??

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    Re: Itachi's lover??

    Haha, well, when anybody asked me that I would say it was me! but, being serious, i dont think he had one. it would have said something about a girl somewhere. but even if it did, some girls can make up characters and say she was his. he most likely had a crush when he was in the village, but obviosly he had to give up when he killed his clan. I will help in this search and post back when i find someone. :]
    According to my research...Uchiha Madara hinted that he had a lover but SHE (he's not gay!) was killed in the Uchiha Massacre. But...I'm confused. Isn't your clan all your family? Is it possible there can be someone in your clan not related to you? Cuz I dont like the idea that he might be into incest....
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