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Thread: Naruto

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    Ok Naruto is a good anime and i want to check how many people like Naruto here!!!!!!
    Plus i want to here why you guys like it!!!!!

    I like it because its all about this kid that likes ramon and he is all alone becasue the nine tailed fox that is in his body!
    Thats what i like about it!
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    Re: Naruto

    i really like naruto series...i like a lot of things about naruto...and some of it are

    the characters,storyline,action and a little of it soundtrack...

    naruto ROCKS!!!!!!!!!!!

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    Re: Naruto

    It's a nice blend of action, humour and adventure. In the beginning I hated it because of the constant catch phrase 'Believe it!' Once they did away with it, I was happy with it. I didn't really start reading the manga until Shippuden though, since that's where I restarted. I wanted to be sure that the ridiculous catch phrase would be no where to be found.

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    Re: Naruto

    We have a whole section on the series, that should be evident that a lot of people like it here (I am not a Narutard, so count me out).

    Anyways, this thread does not have a clear direction and will only lead to what is called "Phishing for pats on the back", meaning praising a popular thing only to get more praise in return from other people, which is not quality discussion.


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